Podcasts can be seen as a cross between radio shows and a blog.聽It can be produced by virtually anyone with little outlay and only very basic knowledge of IT.聽If you want to publish a podcast, Apple’s iTunes is one of the best place for you. To publish a podcast on iTunes is very easy, and takes less time to get it up and running. Here is how you can do this:

Steps on How to Publish Podcast to iTunes

1 Sign in/Sign up for an Apple ID


Sign into your iTunes account using your Apple ID. If you are just new to the Apple world, you will need to create an Apple ID. To create an Apple ID, download the iTunes app from www.itunes.com聽and install the software. Click on the iTunes store option on the left screen to begin setting up your account. You can also visit Apple website to create Apple ID

2 Make a Podcast


Since you now have an iTunes account and have logged in to your account, you can now proceed to making either the video or audio for your podcast. After making the podcast, make sure you save it in a format that is supported by iTunes, such as, mp4, mov, m4v, mp3, m4a, and pdf or epub format for text.

3 Design the Podcast Cover Image


After the making of the podcast, create a 1400x1400 pixel image file in either PNG or JPG format in the RGB color. This image will be used as the album cover for your podcast. If you are to include any text on the album cover art, you should make it readable.

4 Upload the Podcast to Your Website


Host the audio or video file on your website before uploading the podcast to iTunes. You can use a WordPress or some other platforms聽to design your website, and some freeware FTP software to transfer files from your PC to the internet. To host the file, you can build a basic website that would tell prospective listeners a bit more about your podcast in general and more about the particular podcast show.

5 Generate an RSS Feed


To generate an RSS feed for your podcast, you can use various online RSS creation service, or create one yourself using a text editor for XML document creation.

6 Make an iTunes Feed

Once all your podcast has been added to your website, and you have associated them with the right label, then your RSS feed is almost ready. All that is needed for the RSS feed to be ready is for you to add some extra iTunes-specific information to the feed. Information like, your podcast category, and the location of your podcast cover image.

7 Upload Podcast to iTunes

To upload your podcast to iTunes, copy and paste the web address for your podcast RSS feed, and then click on validate. You will need to wait, so as to make sure that iTunes has received your podcast. A Feed preview will load if you do not have any validation errors. Visit the Validation error section if you have any problem with validating your podcast, and if everything within the Feed Preview is ok, click on the submit button to submit your podcast to iTunes.

After submitting your podcast, Apple will send you an email to notify you that your podcast is under review. It may take up to 10 days for your podcast to be approved. Once it has been approved, Apple will send you an email titled “iTunes Store Podcast Approved Notification” and will also include your own unique iTunes subscribe URL

How to Add Podcast to iTunes

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