Have you ever lost your Apple ringtones after purchase? Have you ever experienced problems retrieving or re-downloading purchased ringtones? Well, re-downloading already purchased ringtones on your iPhone is a pretty easy task. If you just found out that your ringtones have been wiped out, you no longer need to worry.

Although it has not always been possible to redownload ringtones on iPhone, iPhone users have been expecting this feature for a while now. This is especially because different situations such as a reset or a failed backup could make you lose your preferred ringtones. Thanks to the new innovation from iOS 13, you can now redownload previously purchased ringtones on your device. Re-downloading your purchased ringtones is a great innovation as it allows you retrieve your favorite ringtones even if you mistakenly eliminated them. How is it possible to redownload ringtones on iPhone?

Part 1: How to Redownload Ringtones on iPhone?

The purchased ringtones will be kept in Apple Music server, which means if you lose purchased ringtones for whatsoever reason, you can regain the ringtones. Actually, the rule applies not only to ringtones, but also to other purchased items such as music, movies, apps, audiobooks, etc. Follow the step-by-step guide below to redownload ringtones on iPhone.

  1. The first step is to launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. In the settings, you would find different options. Tap on either the 鈥淪ounds鈥 or 鈥淪ounds & Haptics鈥 option.
  3. You would find different ringtones under the 鈥淪OUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTENRS鈥 tab. Click on any of the sounds.
  4. Since you have already purchased ringtones from iTunes in the past, you would find the 鈥淒ownload All Purchased Tones鈥 at the top of the page. Tap on it and all your previously purchased ringtones will be restored to your device. You would find the re-downloaded ringtones in your 鈥淪ound and Haptics鈥 tab whenever you launch your phone Settings.


Note: To be able to redownload ringtones on your iPhone, your device must be running on iOS 13 or a later version.

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Part 2: How to Customize iPhone Ringtones with Third-Party Program?

Ringtones do more than alert us about a call. They are also a perfect representation of who we are 鈥 and they pass this message to people around us too. However, getting our favored ringtone on iPhone can be really tricky. Although there are a variety of default tones on Apple, many persons prefer to have a ringtone they can relate with. Fortunately, there is good news. Customizing your ringtone is now a pretty straightforward process with iMyFone TunesMate.

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Key Features:

  • It allows you to select any of your favorite songs and make into a ringtone.
  • It supports both free and paid music for ringtones making.
  • It allows for ringtone start and stop time setting for picking up desired section.
  • The origin of the song does not matter 鈥 whether it came from a CD, iTunes, or somewhere else, you can transform it into a ringtone so long as you can get it on your iPhone or computer.
  • Besides the role of ringtones maker, it can act as an iOS device data transfer for transferring video/movie/muisc/photo between iOS device and iTunes/computer.
  • It offers free 2-way transferring solution without causing data loss.

Try It FreeTry It Free

To customize your favorite ringtone on your iPhone, download the iMyFone TunesMate software. Once you have the software, follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iMyFone TunesMate.


Step 2 On your computer, you would find the Music tab. Click on Music > Ringtones > Ringtone Maker.


Step 3 Select a song of your choice you would like to customize. You can either select a song from your computer by clicking "Local Music" or a song on your iPhone by clicking "Device Music".


Step 4 After selecting your favorite song, it will start playing. You can now make use of the interface to select your preferred start time and end time while the song plays. The ringtone length is up to 40 seconds. If you would love to preview your selected ringtone before saving it, tap the "Ringtone Audition" tab.


Step 5 Save the ringtone to either computer ("Save to PC") or device ("Save to Device"). Since you need the ringtone on your iPhone, click on "Save to Device" so your ringtone will be saved to your iPhone device.


Part 3: How to Assign Different iPhone Ringtones for Different Contacts?

After you got custom ringtones on your iPhone, it would be better for you to assign different iPhone ringtones for different contacts. Therefore you can tell from the sound that who is calling without looking at the iPhone screen. With ringtones assigning, phone call receiving becomes much funnier. Check out method below to assign ringtones for contacts on your iPhone.

Step 1 Open Contacts on your iPhone, and navigate to the contact you want to assign custom ringtone for.

Step 2 Click "Edit" on the top right corner to enter contact editing window where you need to click "Ringtone" to choose your desired ringtone for this specific contact. Once you finish, click "Done".

Step 3 Repeat these steps for other contacts that you want to assign ringtones for.


After reading this post, you have grasped how to redownload ringtones on iPhone. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with purchased ringtones, you can customize iPhone ringtones with your preferred songs and assign them for different contacts on your iPhone.