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How to Send A Song from iTunes to iDevice/PC

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May 17, 2018 (Updated: May 18, 2018)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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There are many reason a person may want to send a song to other iDevice/PC. May be to share this song that he recently purchases with a friend or one of your family members. May be you want to send it to an old or new iDevice he/she own (iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch). There are many ways to sent songs to other iDevice and we are going to explain all of it here so stay tuned.

How to Send a Song from iTunes to iDevices

How to Send a Song from iTunes to iDevices with TunesMate

If you heard about iMyFone TunesMate before then you know that’s one of the software that you can use literally do everything that iTunes can do. Not only that but it also can do what iTunes do without it’s restrictions and limitations. And if you don’t know it, we will explain its main key features and how to use it to send a song from iTunes to iDevices.

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Key Features:

  • TunesMate offers a smooth simple flexible iOS transfer between your iDevices and your personal computer.
  • Supporting unlimited number of iDevices not like iTunes which only support 5 devices.
  • You can sync data without getting the original erased which happens while using iTunes.
  • Both paid and free files are supported to be transferred while iTunes only supported the paid files.
  • You can enrich your music collection by adding music files from any iOS device even from the devices of your friends.

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1. Send A Song from iTunes to iDevice in One Click

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate, connect your device to your PC with an original USB cable. If the USB cable isn’t connected,it will remind you to do so.


Step 2: When the device of yours is connected, the homepage will show you three options you can choose from according on what you are doing in our case you need to choose the second option “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice".


Step 3: You can see all the media files in your iTunes library in list. Just uncheck the other file type except "Music" and then click "Transfer" button to begin the transfer process.


Step 5: When it finish. Click "OK". Then you can check idevice and enjoy the music.


2. How to Send a Song from iTunes to iDevices with iTunes

You can send any type of media from iTunes to any iDevice using iTunes. Blow is the guide to send a song from iTunes to iDevices.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your pc/Mac.
Step 2: Now connect your iDevice to pc/Mac using the USB cable.
Step 3: When iTunes recognize your device, click on your devices icon.


Step 4: On the left sidebar, choose "Music". Check “Sync Music” and then tap "Apply" to sync the songs to your iDevice. Just wait till it finish. If you prefer to select only certain songs from your iTunes library, then you'll need to click the radio button next to "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres."


How to Send A Song from iTunes to Computer

Among its functions, Apple’s iTunes program serves as a database for sorting and organizing your digital media collection. However, the files that make up that media collection primarily live in a folder called iTunes Media (or iTunes Music) on the computer. To move the songs to computer, you just need to find and move the folder to where you want it.

Step 1: Open the iTunes software, now go and tap on “Edit” and then choose "Preferences".


Step 2: On the pop up window, click "Advance" on the top. The you can see "iTunes media folder location". Normally, it is in this folder "C:\Users\Your Name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media".


Step 3: Just follow it to find the iTunes media folder. In the floder, you can see another music folder which contain all your iTunes songs. Just copy them to where you can easily find it on your computer.

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