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Best Way to Share your Favorite Apple Music with Friends

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Aaron Donald

June 1, 2017 (Updated: August 6, 2020锛

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It鈥檚 pretty normal to want to share a great song with one of your friends. If they have an iOS device, too, you might even want to share what you bought on iTunes with them. Unfortunately, Apple has a problem with this鈥攁 huge problem, actually. You can鈥檛 really share your music and playlists with your friends if they use a different Apple ID. In other words, they have to pay for the song.

There is a way around this, though.

How to Share Apple Music with Friends and Family

The easiest way around this problem so that you can share all of your favorite music freely is to use an iPhone music transfer called iMyFone TunesMate. Not only will TunesMate help you share music between iPhones with different iTunes accounts, but it will transfer/manage just about any kind of file on your iPhone.

Try It FreeTry It Free

  • Enrich iTunes music library from different iPhones even with different iTunes IDs.
  • Sync music/videos/files to iPhone from different computers/iTunes libraries without erasing iPhone.
  • Share Apple music with friends鈥 and family鈥檚 iPhones.
  • Share music purchased from Amazon, from the Google store, or any other kind of free or purchased music.
  • Edit music info and playlists at will to manage a large music collection on iPhone/iTunes.
  • Win thousands of loyal users every year and receive lots of positive reviews

How to Share Apple Music with Friends - 3 Steps!

Get started to share Apple music with friends by downloading free trial of iMyFone TunesMate and following below.

Step 1: Launch TunesMate on your computer, then plug in your iPhone/iPad/iPod which has the music you want to share.

Step 2: When your device is detected on TunesMate, click on the 鈥淢usic鈥 tab at the top of the interface and all your music will be shown there.

Step 3: Select the songs that you want to share. Hit 鈥淓xport > Export to PC鈥 to browse and select a target folder on computer. Hit 鈥淪elect Folder鈥 to start. And you music will be transferred to computer.

how to share apple music with friends

Now you can take these music files and transfer them over to your friend鈥檚 device by doing this:

Step 4: Unplug your device from your computer and plug in your friend鈥檚 device.

Step 5: When TunesMate can detect your friend鈥檚 device, go to 鈥淢usic鈥 tab again and you will get into your friend鈥檚 music library.

Step 6: Click 鈥淎dd > Add Folder鈥 and browse the music folder where you put your music on computer. Once done, click on 鈥淥pen鈥 button begin.

how to share apple music with family

Now your friend should have your music on his device and there will be no loss of data on either end. If you want to share music with more than one friend, just unplug the existing device and connect other device. Then follow the Step 4 to Step 6 above to make it one by one.


  • Unlike iTunes, your friend鈥檚 device won鈥檛 be erased even when it is already synced with other iTunes library. It also means, none of the music files will be lost in any device when transferring.
  • With TunesMate, the devices don鈥檛 have to have the same ID, so you can share tons of music, both purchased and unpurchased.

Tip: How to Have a Large Music Collection in iTunes Library

One way to greatly expand your music library on iTunes is to combine the music files from different iPhone/iPad/iPod. So for instance, you can borrow your friend鈥檚 devices, follow the instructions below and fill up your iTunes library on your computer without ever having to even open iTunes.

Step 1: Make sure iMyFone TunesMate installed on your computer and launch it. Connect an iDevice to computer.
Step 2: Once recognized, click on 鈥淭ransfer iDevice Media to iTunes鈥 and hit start to continue.
Step 3: Check the media files you want to add to your iTunes library and hit 鈥淭ransfer鈥 to begin.

how to share music between iphones with different itunes accounts

Then you can find the music or other media files are transferred to your iTunes library. If you need to enrich your iTunes library from more devices, just unplug the existing one and plug in other devices and follow the steps above to continue.

Note: You don鈥檛 need to worry about that your iTunes library may have duplicate contents, as TunesMate will detect the difference between iTunes and iDevice and just transfer the missing ones.

Key Features of iMyFone TunesMate

  • The ability to transfer just about any kind of file - not just music, but video, photos, audiobooks, podcasts, and more.
  • You can freely transfer music/video/files between iPhone and computer/iTunes without loss of data and quality.
  • You can edit your iPhone media and delete duplicates easily.
  • An iPhone can be synced to different computers/iTunes library without erasing.
  • You can share files between many computers and devices, bypassing Apple鈥檚 restrictions.
  • Music/video will be automatically converted to iPhone-supported versions when transferring to iPhone, which means you can add any media files.

So as you can see, TunesMate is the best method to share Apple music with friends and family, even if they have different Apple IDs. Next time your friend comes over and wants to share music, download a free trial of TunesMate and you鈥檒l have the freedom to give each other music.

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