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How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone in iOS 14?

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July 19, 2018 (Updated: August 19, 2020锛

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Were you randomly scrolling through your computer鈥檚 gallery and found a photo that you now want as your iPhone wallpaper? We鈥檝e all been there and done that. There are some memorable photos that don鈥檛 deserve to gather dust. They deserve a special place in your iPhone. However, moving them from the computer to iPhone is a cumbersome task. So, how do you transfer these lovely memories from computer to iPhone? In this article, we鈥檒l be covering this topic in detail. We鈥檒l talk about how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone.

Method 1: Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone with iCloud App

Using iCloud App, you can view all your photos from your iPhone on iCloud or your computer. You can also transfer photos from computer to iPhone.

On Mac

  • Launch the 鈥淧hotos App鈥 on your Mac.
  • Click the 鈥淧hoto Menu鈥 on the top left corner of the screen.
  • enable icloud photo on mac 01

  • From the Photos Menu, pick 鈥淧references鈥.
  • Choose 鈥渋Cloud,鈥 and then check the small box next to 鈥渋Cloud Photo Library.鈥
  • enable icloud photo on mac 02
    enable icloud photo on mac 03

On Windows

Follow the steps given below to transfer photos from Windows PC to iPhone:

  • Download and install 鈥渋Cloud for Windows.鈥
  • Once the installation is complete, restart your Windows PC and wait for the program to launch itself.
  • Meanwhile, ensure that 鈥渋Cloud Photo Library鈥 is enabled in Settings>Photo on your iPhone.
  • use setup icloud photo library

  • In the next step, you鈥檒l be asked to pick the files you want to push to iCloud Photo Library to reflect on your iPhone. Check 鈥淧hotos,鈥 and click the 鈥淥ptions鈥 button.
  • download photos from icloud to windows

  • When a pop-up appears, select 鈥渋Cloud Photo Library鈥, followed by 鈥淯pload new photos and videos from PC.鈥
  • icloud photo windows sync options 2017

  • Click the 鈥淎pply鈥 button and close the window.
  • Open the 鈥淲indows File Explorer鈥 and navigate to the folder 鈥渋Cloud Photos鈥. Here, you鈥檒l see two folders 鈥 鈥淒ownloads鈥 and 鈥淯ploads鈥. Right click on 鈥淯ploads鈥 folder and click 鈥淎dd Photos鈥 to move the photos to iCloud.鈥
  • icloud windows photos add to album

That鈥檚 it. Once the photos are uploaded to iCloud, you can view them on your iPhone.

Method 2: Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone with

Follow the steps given below to transfer photos from computer to iPhone with

  • Enable 鈥渋Cloud Photo Library鈥 on your iPhone.
  • Open 鈥渋Cloud.com鈥 and sign in.
  • Click the 鈥淧hotos鈥 icon.
  • upload photo to icloud

  • Once all the files load, click the 鈥淯pload鈥 button.
  • view icloud photos online

  • Pick the images you want to transfer from your hard-drive.

That鈥檚 it. Your photos are now being transferred to iCloud from where you can access them on your iPhone. However, the only limitation here is that if the total size of your files exceeds the iCloud storage capped limit, you鈥檒l have to purchase additional iCloud storage.

Method 3: Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone with iTunes

You can use iTunes to sync photos from a folder on your computer to your iPhone. Every time you sync your iPhone with iTunes, the photos on your iPhone will update and match those on your computer. Here are the steps to transfer photos from computer to iPhone with iTunes:

  • Launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Click the 鈥淒evice鈥 icon on iTunes.
  • In the left side-bar of iTunes, click the 鈥淧hoto鈥 tab.
  • Check the box next to 鈥淪ync Photos.鈥
  • Pick the folder or app you want to transfer your photos from.
  • Click the 鈥淎pply鈥 button.
  • transfer iPad photo to pc via itunes e1481099296613

That鈥檚 it. You鈥檒l be able to view all your computer photos on your iPhone via automatic iTunes syncing. However, there are two drawbacks here 鈥 all your old data will get erased and the files you don鈥檛 wish to sync will also get synced.

Extra Tips: Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC with TunesMate(iOS 14/13/12 Supported)

Though you can transfer photos from your iPhone to PC using different methods discussed in the previous section, this method is more efficient and allows you to transfer photos quickly. Now you can easily transfer your photos from iPhone to PC using iMyFone TunesMate . All you need to do is a few clicks. Bid goodbye to iTunes and iCloud 鈥 TunesMate is here to stay!

iTunes bugs, system crashes, and restrictions that irritate you each time you want to transfer your files are now things of the past, with TunesMate you鈥檒l be more relaxed and happy.

Main features of iMyFone TunesMate:

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

1,000,000+ Downloads

  • Two-way file transfer 鈥 transfer files from iPhone to Mac/Windows PC and vice-versa. Easily import/export files in just a few clicks.
  • Use the software on unlimited devices and PCs without any limitations.
  • Transfer files safely to Mac or PC without losing any data during the file transfer
  • Preview files and selectively transfer data.
  • Get respite from iTunes limitations, bugs, and crashes.
  • Available for all iOS devices in iOS 14/13.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Easily transfer photos from iPhone to PC using iMyFone TunesMate by following the simple and quick steps given below:

  1. Launch iMyFone TunesMate on your PC and connect it to your iPhone using a USB cable.
  2. connect your idevice 1

  3. Click 鈥淏ackup Photos to PC鈥 on the top bar of the TunesMate apps Home Screen on your PC. Browse your folders and choose a target folder to transfer all the photos from your iPhone to your PC. Click 鈥淪elect Folder鈥 to initiate the export process.
  4. backup photos to pc 1
    backup photos to pc 2

  5. Once the file transfer is complete, a pop-up with the message 鈥淏ack-Up Successful鈥 will open. Click 鈥淥pen Folder鈥 to locate the transferred files or 鈥淥k鈥 to close the screen.
  6. backup photos to pc 3

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