How to Transfer Videos/Movies from Computer to iPhone

Are you trying to figure out how to transfer videos from computer to iPhone? It’s actually a fairly easy task, not matter when you;

  • Download some music videos or movies on computer and want to enjoy on handy iPhone;
  • Have some video recording from a camera on computer and need them in iPhone;
  • Want to share movies on iPhone with friends.

Just check the 2 ways below to transfer videos to iPhone.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone Using iTunes

First, let’s take a look at how to transfer videos to iPhone using iTunes.

Step 1: Open iTunes on computer.
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer.
Step 3: Add the videos you want to your iTunes library by going to File > Add File to Library, and then browsing for which video you want. When you’ve found it, click Open.
Step 4: Once the videos are added to your iTunes library, click on the device icon on iTunes.
Step 5: Click on the “Movies” tab at the left sidebar.
Step 6: Make sure “Sync Movies” is checked. Tap “All” menu and select the movies you want to transfer to iPhone. Click “Apply” button to sync.
how to transfer videos from computer to iPhone

Now, there are limits to using iTunes, of course:

  • The biggest one is that syncing your videos can erase videos from your iPhone that were there before. Basically, the new videos will replace the old ones.
  • Transferring video is a two-step process because you have to transfer from hard drive to iTunes library, and then transfer from library to iPhone.
  • It only allows you to transfer videos to iPhone from one computer, or your iPhone will be erased.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

If you want to avoid the limits of iTunes, the better way to transfer videos to iPhone from computer is to use iTunes alternative called iMyFone iPhone Transfer. It can transfer any kind of video from computer or iTunes library to your iPhone without erasing any data.

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Main Features of iMyFone

  • Two-way sync: It transfers music/videos/files to and from your iPhone/iTunes library.
  • Direct transfer: Simply drag and drop video/music from (unlimited) computers to iPhone.
  • No limits of iTunes sync: It can transfer videos to iPhone without erasing any data on iPhone or iTunes library.
  • Full compatibility: Support all audio and video formats. Files will be converted to be playable on iPhone when transferred.
  • Edit music info & playlists: Edit music info, like name, album, artists, etc., and manage playlist info and contents.
transfer video to iphone without itunes

The free trial of iMyFone iPhone Transfer allows you to transfer videos from computer to iPhone, just download it and follow to figure it out.

01 Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

Step 1: Open iMyFone iPhone Transfer. Plug your iPhone into your computer.
Step 2: Click on the “Videos” tab at the top of the window. Hit “Add > Add File” to browse and select the videos you want to transfer on computer, and finally click on “Open” to begin.

transfer video to iphone without itunes


During the transferring process, the iMyFone application will automatically convert the video to a format that your iPhone can use if files are not supported by iPhone.

01 Transfer Videos to iPhone from iTunes

Step 1: Make sure that iMyFone iPhone Transfer is installed on your computer. Connect your iPhone and then launch iMyFone iPhone Transfer.
Step 2: Click “Transfer iTunes Media to Device.”
Step 3: Make sure that “Movies” is checked, then hit “Transfer.”

transfer video to iphone without itunes


Share Purchased Music/Video, Even with Different Apple IDs

iMyFone iPhone Transfer allows you to share purchased or free music/video to unlimited devices, even signed in different Apple IDs. Music purchased from Google and Amazon can be transferred to “Music” app.

  1. Transfer all the music/videos to your computer local folder from different iPhone/iPad/iPod. You will have a large media collection on computer.
  2. Follow the steps in “transfer Videos from computer to iPhone” above and transfer the collection into different iDevices. (Don’t worry, it won’t replace the original library on iPhone.)
Supports all music formats
Sync media without data loss
Edit music info
Two-way sync
Efficient, fast software
Sync music from different libraries
Directly transfer files from computer to iPhone