iMobie AnyTrans Review: Your All-in-One iTunes Alternative

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It is evident that most iPhone, iPad and iPod users are notorious fanatics in their loyalty to Apple Inc. Hence, most of these users have by default resorted to iTunes media player for iOS file transfers to their computer not minding iTunes several restrictions on file transfer. However, if you have recently tried using an iTunes alternative like iMobie’s AnyTrans, then you will understand the need for freedom over managing the content of your iOS device – which is noticeably lacking when you use iTunes.

Therefore, due to restrictions on content management and resource hogging, many iOS users are constantly looking for iTunes alternative that might better suit their specific iDevice content management needs, and with that in mind, we shall be reviewing an all-in-one iTunes alternative for Mac and Windows PC – iMobie’s AnyTrans.

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What is iMobie’s AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is an iTunes alternative software that is used in file transfer between iPhone, iPod, iPad and PC. This software supports different types of file transfer such as Audio and video files, voice mail and messages, photos, safari bookmarks and passwords, notes, podcasts, eBooks, apps, system files, calendar, contacts, and iCloud backups. The full Package of iMobie’s AnyTrans is purchased at the price of US$39.99. you can also download the free trial version that lasts for 7 days, and offers a transfer of 50 files per day at the maximum.

Features of AnyTrans

There are many features to iMobie’s AnyTrans, and we have listed some these features as follows:

  • Pleasant and intuitive interface.
  • Multiple preferences on program configuration.
  • Easy migration of data between iOS devices.
  • Access files on your iCloud through iCloud explorer.
  • The inbuilt powerful app manager – iFile, lets you clear out caches.
  • File transfer between two connected devices.

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Some of the good and recommendable features of iMobie’s AnyTrans include:

  1. AnyTrans lets you to manually add iPhone music , apps, and other files to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. It helps you to get rid of unnecessary iTunes library restrictions, file duplications, and constant re-syncing.
  3. With iMobie’s AnyTrans, you can get to know files in your backup, and manage your backed up files, which ordinarily you cannot access using iTunes.
  4. With iCloud explorer feature, you can selectively sync your files or folders from your iCloud account to your iPhone/iPad, or from iPhone/iPad to iCloud account.


iMobie’s AnyTrans is a useful tool for transferring iOS files between iDevices, but it still has the following downsides when compared with iTunes and other apps in its class.

  1. AnyTrans is not affordable given its price at US$39.99 for single license, and US$59.99 for unlimited license.
  2. Features on the free account is limited to maximum transfer of 50 items per day, and it can only be tested for 7 days.
  3. It consumes a whole lot of CPU and RAM space while running, and cancelling the program during this time is impossible.

What to Expect for an iTunes Alternative?

For a software to be classified as a good iTunes alternative for transferring music to your iPhone, iPod or iPad, it may have to meet or possess the following features:

  1. Support for Mac and Windows PC.
  2. Supports transfer or syncing of music, videos, audios, and other files to iDevice.
  3. Supports export of Music and other files from iDevice to Windows or Mac PC.
  4. Enables file management and offers the user greater control over iOS files.
  5. Converts music files to compatible formats.

It should be noted here that the problem with iTunes is not that it does not look great because its interface is far better than most iTunes alternatives, but the problem is that iTunes is a resource hog and restricts users unnecessarily.

3 Similar Recommended iTunes Alternative Software

Though iTunes is the default application for transferring music on iPhone, iPod and iPad on Mac and Windows PC, you can still move music and other files on iPhone without iTunes by using any of these alternative software.

1 iMyFone TunesMate

If you need a free software that can help you to download and manage any kind of music or music album of your iPhone/iPod/iPad on your Windows PC, then iMyFone TunesMate is the right iTunes alternative for you. If you need more functions than the free trial, you can use its Pro version which costs US$29.95.

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Features of TunesMate

  1. Transfer music to iPhone from computer/iTunes without any data loss.
  2. Back up iPhone music to computer/iTunes and restore backups anytime.
  3. Share iPhone music among iDevices within different Apple IDs.
  4. Rebuild iTunes library no matter how you lost library.
  5. Highly praised by increasing users and lots of media like,

Try It FreeTry It Free


2 PodTrans

PodTrans was coined from iPod and Transfer, hence from its name you can easily define it as an iPod data transfer software. It works efficiently on Mac and Windows PC, and supports not only iPod but other iOS devices. It is also known as the click-transfer solution because of its speed and friendly interface. It is sold at the price of US$29.99.

Features of PodTrans

  1. It offers a fast solution to importing or exporting files between Apple device and PC.
  2. It offers backup and restore features.
  3. You can organize your music files in library as it suits you.

3 Wondershare TunesGo

If you do not have iTunes, do not worry about downloading one because with Wondershare TunesGo you can transfer data between two iOS devices without downloading iTunes. This application supports direct transfer of music, playlists, photos, videos, SMS, contacts and other files between iPhone, iPod and iPad Touch. It supports every single model of iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is subscribed at the cost of US$39.95 per year.

Features of Wondershare TunesGo

  1. Automatically merge duplicated contacts.
  2. Manage your files without iTunes
  3. Backup or restore iOS content on PC

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Wondershare TunesGo

Final Verdict

Although AnyTrans has some visible disadvantages when compared with iTunes and other software, but its advantages still overshadow them. Hence, if you need a reliable and seamlessly performing iTunes alternative, we recommend iMobie’s AnyTrans for you.