With latest technology apart, the iPhone has taken over the world and includes everything a mobile phone should have. However, iPhone not getting synced by iTunes often is a major setback of iPhone and creates a lot of trouble for the iPhone users. Although the matter is not serious and it can be solved easily, most people however don鈥檛 know how to fix iPhone won't sync.

Part 1: 3 Common Reasons Why iPhone Won鈥檛 Sync

There can be a lot of reasons due to which an iPhone won鈥檛 sync with your iTunes anymore. Here are the three main reasons why iPhone stops syncing.

Out-of-date iTunes Version: If your iTunes version is out of date or your USB cable is broken, your phone would stop syncing with iTunes and you have to update your iTunes version.
iTunes Authorization: If your iTunes isn鈥檛 authorized, your iphone would never sync to iTunes. Authorize your iTunes and try syncing again.
Device Problem: Sometimes there can be an issue with the hardware of your phone due to which it stops syncing.

iPhone not sync

Part 2: Sync iPhone to iTunes Using Awesome App

The best way to sync your phone to iTunes is to use the alternatives like iMyFone TunesMate. It is the best iPhone sync programming available. It is adaptable, simple to utilize, and it can sync pretty much any sort of documents.
Key Features

  • Sync iPhone to different Mac computer/iTunes library
  • Transfer music/videos/photos from iPhone to PC/iTunes
  • Keep original iPhone data during sync
  • Transfer purchased or non-purchased music from iTunes
  • Delete duplicate music/photos/videos/ in bulk
  • Support iOS 10.3 and other version
  • Rebuild iTunes library

Steps to Fix iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes
Step 1: Download and launch TunesMate, then connect iPhone to it.
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Step 2: Click "Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes".
fix iPhone not syncing
Step 3: Tap "Start" on the pop out windows, the program will start to copy data from iDevice to iTunes.

Part 3: How to Fix iPhone Not Syncing Problem?

1 Update or Reinstall Your iTunes

Simply refreshing to the most up to date form of iTunes is sufficient to determine all synchronizing issues, especially if the desktop programming hasn't been refreshed in a while. Naturally, there will be a redesign warning fly up once there is another adaptation accessible. Or you could just reinstall iTunes.

2Re-Authorize iTunes

In the event that your iOS gadgets neglects to match up with iTunes, the Sync catch is turned gray out and not accessible by any stretch of the imagination, or on the off chance that you attempt to synchronize and nothing exchanges over to the iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you may essentially need to approve the PC with iTunes.
reauthorize iTunes for iPhone won't sync

3Reboot iTunes, iPhone or Your Computer

Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod and PC could be a compelling approach to take care of iTunes matching up the issue. To do this, hold down the Power catch and Home catch at the same time until the gadget restarts.

4Wi-Fi Sync

Remote matching up could be an alternative technique when iTunes measurement not synchronize your iPhone by means of USB link. In your iDevice rundown exchange in the iTunes on the PC, tick Sync with iPhone over Wi-Fi. At that point, on your iPhone, tap Setting > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Sync now.
iTunes wifi sync from iPhone

5Change USB Cable

At times USB ports turn sour, and however it's truly uncommon, it's anything but difficult to discount. You should simply switch the USB link starting with one port, then onto the next and check whether it works. Likewise, take a stab at utilizing an alternate USB link altogether, regardless of whether it's another Lightning link or the out-dated 30-stick connectors.

6Update iPhone Drivers

If you refresh your PC framework to Windows 8 or Windows 10 and find that iTunes no longer identified your iPod Touch or iPhone, refreshing drivers could be a decent approach to solve this issue.
Step 1: Go into the gadget chief on your PC.
Step 2: Go to convenient gadgets (it is right under system connectors).
Step 3: Right click apple iPhone and click refresh drivers.
Step 4: Temples your drivers from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. After that, your iTunes will pump up alone and you will see your iPhone in that spot.