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Is CopyTrans Free? What is the Best Alternative?

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September 12, 2018 (Updated: September 18, 2018)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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Is CopyTrans Free?

The CopyTrans is developed to create a solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod users facing file transfer challenges from their device to their computer or vice versa. The software manages the iOS resources and many users will love to use it. However, you should know facts about CopyTrans and one of such fact includes the question, is CopyTrans free? You must know that CopyTrans is not free. CopyTrans is a transfer manager that thrives on creative features to enhance user’s way of backing up files, transferring files and synchronization.

The CopyTrans license is divided into 5 plans or packages with different functions and features. The diagram below gives the cost and features of each package or plan.

License Types
Transfer iTunes Library

What is CopyTrans?

CopyTrans is a third-party software that functions as a manager on which iPhone, iPad and iPod files can be easily and limitlessly transferred, backed up or synchronized. CopyTrans and other similar trans software were introduced to give iPhone users the freedom to transfer any authorized file without being restricted by Apple’s conditions and restrictions on the iTunes application.


Features & Cons


  • Manual and Smart Back up: This is a very nice and important feature of the CopyTrans and it helps to back up files from iPhone, iPod and iPad easily using a manual back up or a smart option that automatically recognises a file that has not been backed up. It is a great feature every user loves.
  • Unrestricted File Transfer: The CopyTrans allows for the transfer of all types of files from Apple devices to the computer or vice versa. Ringtone, audio books, pictures, videos and music files with many other file types. These are all able to go through without any restriction unlike what users know about iTunes.
  • Restore iTunes library from iPhone: You can do that with CopyTrans and it helps to reduce file or data loss on iTunes since it can be retrieved or restored from the device.


The major con of the CopyTrans is the requirement of payment for each function. They will be paid separately. This is a major turn off for users.

Best CopyTrans Alternative

If you are not comfortable with the restriction of the iTunes and the heavy cost charged by CopyTrans then you will be thinking of an alternative. The best alternative is the iMyFone TunesMate which is a very effective software for managing your iOS data transfer and backup. It has numerous features that iPhone, iPad and iPod users will love to enjoy while working on a very simple and easy to understand interface.


Is TunesMate Free?

The licensing cost for TunesMate is very cheap and affordable than all the other similar software and you only need to pay once for all functions for lifetime using. It also has the free trial version for you to try some basic features before you purchase. Below contains the diagram of the iMyFone TunesMate license.

Try It FreeTry It Free


  • TunesMate gives an unmatched freedom to users to transfer any file such as music, photos, videos, documents and others over a fast two way Import to the iOS devices or export from the devices to the computer.
  • It also boast of a very nice instant function that one-click feature of the Tunesmate offers. It is fast and yet encompasses all types of files.
  • Many iOS users face untold challenges with the iTunes password debacle that must be bypassed to extract some iTunes files. Smart user now make do of TunesMate to bypass such problem and enjoy limitless control over their own device.
  • When using the TunesMate, you never have to panic about your iTunes library getting corrupted because it is able to repair or restore the corrupt iTunes library in just a few seconds after a single click.
  • The TunesMate also has capacity to create a free ringtone for users that so desire. Doing this is very simple and easy as it involves only a few steps to have a tone created and imported into any iOS device.
  • If you love to merge your iTunes library with that of your sibling and relatives with no boundaries and restrictions, then you need the Tunesmate which can allow you to fulfil that fantasy. You also get to share your library with others without limit.
  • If you ever have to uninstall some of the applications on your iOS device, then using the TunesMate application will come handy because it can help uninstall multiple applications at a time.
  • Highly recommended by many professional software review webistes, such as GetintopcGeekreply,, etc.


A Speicial Gift for You

If you have now decided to opt for the best CopyTrans alternative to benefit all the above explains features, you are doing so with a free gift from TunesMate. You get a whooping 20% off your license cost for any premium plan you are opting for. Kindly copy the coupon code below to have benefit from the discounted bonus and gift.

20% off Coupon Code: 5ED-FQ1-KZU

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