As Apple products are the preferred gadgets for the masses, downloading songs has become quite easier for the users with the help of the iTunes music downloader available on any Apple product. However, an iTunes music downloader requires online payment and most of the songs aren't free. So the question arises, how to get free iTunes music?

Part 1: Use iMyFone TunesMate to Get Free iTunes Music

iMyFone TunesMate is an app that basically connects your iPhone with another's iTunes library where all the playlists are stored. This helps in the easy transfer of the songs from one device to the other, without erasing preexisting iPhone data.

So, if you have a friend who has a playlist you were dreaming of having, you can easily get it by syncing your iPhone to your friend's iTunes library and transferring all the songs, whether free or paid ones, to your iPhone. This way, you wouldn't need to download songs from the iTunes music downloader one by one, and instead, you'll get your favorite songs altogether in a matter of minutes. Easy as that.

iMyFone TunesMate

5,000,000+ Downloads

  • Two-way sync between iPhone/iPad/iPod and iTunes/PC for extremely efficient and easy music transfer.
  • It allows you to preview and selectively transfer the songs of your preference
  • Freely create your own personal rocking playlist in your iPhone.
  • It has zero data loss in the music transfer process.
  • Easily bypass the iTunes and transfer music without using a password.

Try It FreeTry It Free

The steps to follow for transferring songs to your iPhone are fairly easy:

  • Step 1: Open TunesMate and connect your iPhone.
  • connect your device to computer

  • Step 2: Select "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice" on the home interface.
  • transfer itunes media to idevice 1

  • Step 3: Choose the music and transfer to your iPhone.
  • transfer itunes media to idevice 3

  • Step 4: Begin transfer, wait a few minutes to sync and the music is on your iPhone now.
  • transfer itunes media to idevice 4

Following all these easy steps, you can get yourself a personal playlist of your preference.

Part 2: Use Music-oriented Podcasts to Get Free iTunes Music

Another way to listen to free music on iTunes is music-oriented podcasts. Podcasts are prerecorded radio shows. They include tunes and commentary. So if you do not mind listening to chatters between songs, check out these podcasts because they are totally free. To browse podcasts, go to the iTunes Store and click the Podcasts link, go to the column on the right that says 'Podcast Quick Links' and click the drop-down menu. Choose Music, and you'll see hundreds of music podcasts.

Part 3: Get Free Music on iTunes

The iTunes music downloader, along with offering paid songs, also offers selective free songs available in the iTunes selection. This helps you in downloading songs free of cost.

iTunes updates its free music range every week with new songs, so if you want that free music, do not hesitate to check the free songs list because there is a lot of good music there.

free on itunes music

Part 4: Top 3 iTunes Music Downloader

What are the top 3 most recommended iTunes music downloaders? Well, here are the best ones for you. All these listed applications help users of iPhone, iPad or iPod to download music for their devices.

1. Freegal Music

It is one of the best music downloader for iOS users. Freegal Music is an application that enables users to download music legally. It has a wide collection of more than 9 million mp3 songs of various artists, of various genres, from all across the globe. The app is available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and has been rated 4+.
The only con to the app is that it is region limited and hence only certain regions of the world can take 100% advantage of it.

2. SoundTube

Soundtube is a popular music downloader app. It is user-friendly; the interface is very convenient and has a good and wide range of song collection on various genres like rock, classic, country and others. It also allows to stream music from YouTube. Various features of the app include playing your favorite tunes, searching album, artist and songs, one tap music streaming, background music playback (A feature YouTube still doesn鈥檛 allow). Music through this app can also be shared on multiple social media platform.

3. Total Downloader

It is one of the most top rated music downloader apps available in the App Store. It not only allows downloading of music but also allows its users to download music videos.
The app comes packed with list of interesting features like multiple options of downloading, single tap downloading, multiple file support and others.

This application comes in multiple languages and the best part is, it is free to use.