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PrimoMusic Review: Is It Your Best iPhone Music Transfer Software

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Aaron Donald

December 13, 2017 (Updated: December 13, 2017)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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Did you just experienced an abnormal system failure and would like to regain your collections of music? PrimoMusic gives you the opportunity of safeguarding your music, movies and other related files in a simple and flexible manner by backing up the files on you iPhone with your computer.

What is PrimoMusic?

PrimoMusic is an app that gives you the opportunity of managing your files such as music and other related content available on your iDevice. It is a solution that made the transfer of music to any Apple device without the use of iTunes a seamless exercise.

Key Features

  • Allows you to transfer music, movies and TV shows on your Apple devices without the use of iTunes.
  • Ability to backup your files on your computer without any complex iTunes process.
  • PrimoMusic helps to rebuild your iTunes library.
  • PrimoMusic helps to avoid duplication while transferring files.



  • It is very easy to use.
  • It gives you freedom to control your iPhone media files without bearing the lumbersome iTunes.


  1. The trial version is restricted to only viewing of files without giving you the opportunity of trying them.
  2. During the recovery process, there is no option to check or uncheck files and it poses a lot of hindrance in a situation where a user only wishes to recover few files types.
  3. You can transfer music but you can’t do anything for the music playlists.

3 Best Alternatives Availble to PrimoMusic

#1: iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

This is an iOS transfer software technique that allows the transfer of files between iPhone, iTunes and computer. Apart from transferring, you can take full control of your iPhone media, like to export, import, add, edit, delete, etc. iMyFone TunesMate allows you to easily overcome the barriers of iTunes. It is fully compatible with other versions of iOS devices.

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iMyFone TunesMate

Why Choose TunesMate iPhone Transfer?

  • No Data Loss: Ability to sync iTunes/computer music to iPhone without losing any previous files.
  • Two-way Transfer: Freely extract files from iPhone to computer, or transfer files from computer to iPhone.
  • Purchases & Non-Purchases: You can transfer iTunes purchases or free files. You can also share purchases and non-purchases to unlimited devices in different Apple IDs.
  • Various Files Supported: Easy transfer of various files such as music, pictures, podcasts, music playlist, movies, albums, audiobooks, music video and other related files.
  • Save Time: It’s interface is so simple and you can use it easily. It saves you much time compared using iTunes.
  • A great many professional software review sites recommend it for iPhone files transfer, like,,, etc.

iMyFone TunesMate review

iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer Software Review >>

#2: FoneTrans Transfer

This is simply a complete iOS content manager. It has the ability to transfer music from iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC within a short time. It makes the transfer of music from Apple devices to PC/Mac a seamless exercise.


Key Features

  • It has great compatibility and interoperability
  • It allows you to easily manage and transfer files such as videos, ringtones, contacts and books
  • It helps to import music to any device
  • It allows the recovery of music, videos and playlists
  • It gets purchases to any computer


  1. It does not selectively delete unwanted songs
  2. It does not support drag and drop
  3. You may need time to figure it out.

#3: iMobie PodTrans

For both Windows and Mac, this is one of the best transfer tools as it is without the complexity of iTunes. It allows the transfer of music from all versions of iPod to Windows and Mac devices without any loss of date.


Key Features

  • Fully control your iPod music, and easily transfer them to computer.
  • Sync iTunes music to iPod without deleting the existing data.


  1. It supports only iPods, but not iPhones and iPads
  2. It does not get purchases to any computer
  3. It does not support drag and drop
  4. It does not selectively delete unwanted songs

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