Have you ever accidentally deleted a something from your iPhone just to realize immediately that you needed it back? If what you deleted was a song you purchased on iTunes, then you needn’t worried that you will have to repurchase it. I have good news for you; there are numerous ways to redownload the songs you've purchased from iTunes without paying for the second time.

How to Redownload Purchased Music?

1An Effective Way to Redownload Purchased Music

With the aid of a third party application such as iMyFone TunesMate , you can redownload lost songs to your iPhone.The following are the features of iMyFone Tunesmate which enable it to manage music

  • It enables you to share bought music with different Apple's IDs.聽
  • Effectively manage music playlists by exporting, importing and deleting songs
  • Keep your iPhone or iPad playlist fresh with good music.聽 Erase those songs you no longer want easily.
  • With only a single click, you can transfer the entire playlist to anywhere.
  • Two-way transfer! iMyFone Tunesmate allows you to sync videos and songs to iPhone as well as transfer iPhone media to PC/iTunes.

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Redownload Purchased Music with iMyFone TunesMate

Step 1:聽Download and install iMyFone Tunesmate and plug your iPhone.

Step 2:聽Launch iMyFone TunesMate. Click on "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice". You聽 will find it on the first screen.


Step 3:聽It will scan all your media files. After it finished, check "Music" and "Downloaded", then click on "Transfer".


Step 4:聽Once the process has completed, click "OK” and that is all.


2How to Redownload Music on iTunes

If you'd prefer to use iTunes to redownload your music, this is what you have to do:

  • Open iTunes
  • Go to the iTunes Store
  • Click on Purchased which is found in the Quick Links聽 section on the right
  • Press the Not in My Library toggle if it聽 has not been selected already
  • Click on the Songs /Albums toggle to pick how to see the song
  • Choose the artist whose music you wish to download from the list located on the left
  • Tap the download icon on the album or next to the music to begin the download.

Redownload songs on iTunes

3How to Redownload Music on iPhone

If you don’t make use of other services, you can redownload the music or album you've bought at the iTunes Store directly to your iPhone by following these steps:

1.聽聽聽 Ensure you're signed into the Apple ID on your device that you used to purchase the music (click on Settings > iTunes and App Store > Apple ID)
2.聽聽聽 Press the iTunes Store application to open it
3.聽聽聽 Press the More button located at the bottom right
4.聽聽聽 Tap Purchased
5.聽聽聽 Tap Music
6.聽聽聽 Click on the Not on This iPhone toggle
7.聽聽聽 Scroll through the list of your purchases until you locate the one you wish to download
8.聽聽聽 Press the download icon to start downloading the song.

Redownload Songs on iPhone

Bonus Tip: Manage Your Apple Music Membership

Before getting purchased songs from Apple Music, it’s important for you to learn it deeply. The following steps will show you how to start, view, change and cancel your Apple Music Membership.

How to Start Your Membership

1.聽聽聽 Update your iPhone
2.聽聽聽 After it reboots and installs, open the Music app
3.聽聽聽 Choose a membership plan
4.聽聽聽 Sign in to iTunes Store using your Apple ID and password
5.聽聽聽 Confirm that you wish to start your Apple Music membership

How to Cancel
1.聽聽聽 In the Apple Music application on your iPhone, click on the menu symbol in the top-left corner.
2.聽聽聽 Click on your name or photograph at the top of the menu to access your account settings.
3.聽聽聽 Click on Manage Membership. If required, enter your Apple ID password.
4.聽聽聽 Tap Subscription.
5.聽聽聽 Deactivate Automatic Renewal.

iPhone Apple Music

How to Change
1.聽聽聽 Launch the Music application, and then tap For You.
2.聽聽聽 Click on the profile symbol or your photograph in the top-right corner.
3.聽聽聽 Click on View Apple ID. You may need to sign in or useTouch ID.
4.聽聽聽 Press Subscriptions, after that click on Apple Music Membership, to see your options.
5.聽聽聽 Under Options, you can now choose the membership you want.