What's Aiseesoft FoneTrans?

For some time now, people having been using a software package known as Aiseesoft FoneTrans. A tool used by many people to help facilitate Apple (iOS) transfer from one device to the next, Aiseesoft FoneTrans is a must-have for those looking for a little bit of simplicity in what can be a pretty confusing and chaotic experience. It鈥檚 more than an alternative to iTunes, but what can it actually offer you?


The Objective Software Review of Aiseesoft FoneTrans

So, this program can offer you the ability to:

  • Transfer content from any iPhone to a computer and vice versa.
  • Sync devices with iTunes without any of the usual associated headaches.
  • Manage files (music, video, playlists, photos, books, ringtones, etc.) and make your life much easier in general.
  • Avoid any kind of data erasure or corruption that other, similar pieces of hardware tend to force.


  1. Simple & Steady Transfer. Worried about losing imagery and photos that you love? Then make sure you don鈥檛 with Aiseesoft FoneTrans. It鈥檚 made to help make sure you can transfer devices from any kind of Apple device to computer or otherwise in a matter of clicks. It鈥檚 so easy to use and utterly user-friendly, ensuring that you can get a much more progressive and cohesive experience overall.
  2. Leave the Memories Alone. Another excellent part of using Aiseesoft FoneTrans is that it allows for piece of cake transfer of important contact details. Just met someone and want to preserve their details in the event of losing your phone? Then pick up Aiseesoft FoneTrans and make sure that won鈥檛 be happening today. You can save messages and music with the same ease, making sure you can easily protect the things that make you smile.
  3. Connect in Seconds. It鈥檚 so easy to get items from one device and onto the next one 鈥 it literally just takes a matter of minutes to get it all ready to go. The perfect choice for making sure you can connect up in seconds and ensure that you are well on the right path to something rather special.


  1. FoneTrans cannot transfer iTunes library to your iPhone.
  2. It doesn鈥檛 transfer photo album from iPhone to computer. It just transfer the photos.
  3. It doesn鈥檛 provide the function to make ringtone from any song.
  4. It does have a one-click transfer feature to copy all your iPhone media to iTunes.

Best Alternative to Aiseesoft FoneTrans

If the above does not sound quite what you are looking for, though, fear not. With the help of iMyFone TunesMate, you can find an equally powerful and easy to work with alternative. It鈥檚 one of the most reliable forms of software on the market for easy management of any iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Rather than having to use the rickety world of iTunes, iMyFone TunesMate offers a similarly effective solution to the above. What makes it such a worthwhile investment, though?

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TunesFix Wokrs More Than iTunes Alternative:

  • One-click sync iTunes media to iPhone, selectively in bulk or all at once.
  • Support all iOS media: music, playlists, movies, photos, ringtones, podcasts, iTunes U, etc.
  • All the data will be well-protected while transferring or syncing.
  • Directly move media from computer to iPhone without going through iTunes.
  • Selectively back up iPhone files to computer, iTunes, external hard driver or other iOS devices.
  • Preview and selectively delete unwanted media from iPhone for free.
iMyFone TunesMate


  1. Easy to Use: This offers you the safest and simplest way to get rid of that stress and love your Apple device once again. iMyFone TunesMate gives you all the help that you need in engaging with your device without all the commotion.
  2. Two-Way Transfer: Unlike iTunes only allows to sync iTunes library to iPhone, TunesMate provides two-way sync between iPhone and computer. You can freely transfer files between iPhone and computer, or iPhone and iTunes.
  3. One-Click Care: iMyFone TunesMate comes with every feature having a one-click option, like to transfer iTunes media to iPhone, transfer iPhone media to iTunes and back up iPhone photos to computer.
  4. Purchases & Non-Purchases: Its transferring feature supports both purchased files and freely-downloaded files. Even the files were purchased from Google store, Amazing store, they are supported.
  5. Perfect Ringtone Maker: It offers the complete feature to manage your ringtones. Not only allow you to freely transfer ringtones, you are also able to customize ringtone from any song.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer with TunesMate

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer and launch iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer.

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Step 2: Click Music tab from the top menu. All your iPhone music will be shown there.

iMyFone TunesMate

Step 3: Select the songs and hit Export.

  • Then choose Export to PC, browse and select a folder to store the songs.
  • Or choose Export to iTunes. When it's done, you can open iTunes to check the songs.

Which iTunes Alternative Should You Choose?

AiseeSoft FoneTrans
Sync iTunes data to iPhone
No data loss
Only to transfer
Transfer photos and albums
Only for Photos
Transfer playlists between iPhone and computer
Edit music info
3.5 Stars
5 Stars

As you can see, then, both pieces of hardware offer a simple and easy-going solution that you can easily make the most of. What, though, would you rather use? What do you feel more comfortable working with? Make your choice, knowing the other awaits if you change your mind.