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2017 Top 5 iOS Transfer: Transfer Files Between iPhones, PCs, & iTunes

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Aaron Donald

December 29, 2016 (Updated: July 14, 2020)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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There are plenty of reasons why someone would need third-party iOS transfer software to transfer files from their iOS device to their PC, iTunes, or vice versa. The truth is that Apple leaves much to be desired when it comes to flexibility and iOS file transfer can be an annoying ordeal if you try to use the built-in software that is provided for you. Your files can be restricted due to anti-piracy efforts, or you may simply dislike iTunes because it is clunky and hogs resources.
In order to get a better idea of what sort of options you have, let’s take a look at the top 5 iOS transfer software suites that you can download today:

Top 1 iMyFone TunesMate

iMyFone TunesMate is our No.1 pick because of all the features that it offers. It allows you to transfer your music back and forth, as well as manage your playlists very easily. In addition, it will let you transfer just about any kind of media, including videos, photos, ringtones, TV shows, movies, music, audio books, voice memos, etc.. You can back up your contacts and manage them using this software as well. It sets you device free from a lot of Apple’s restrictions.

TunesMate supports many different kinds of files, much more than iTunes does, including many messages, contacts, photo, and audio book formats. It will also support the playlist format that you’re probably used to.

    - You can transfer iOS data from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PCs, and vice versa.
    - You can transfer iOS data from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes.
    - You can transfer iOS data from iPhone/iPad/iPod to another iOS device.

Try It FreeTry It Free

So how can we do so?

Here we take how to export files from iOS device to PC, iTunes or other device for example.

Step 1: Download and install TunesMate. Connect your device to computer.

Step 2: On the left, choose the file type. All the files of this type will be shown on the right.

Step 3: Check the files you want to export. Tap “Export to” button and choose where you want to export.

iOS transfer software

Now, no software is 100% perfect, so of course there are going to be some pros and cons to consider. Namely:


  • Make it easy to import and export files.
  • Allow you to share files between your various devices and Apple IDs.
  • Can help you back up your files and even your contacts.
  • Is easier to use and support more file types than iTunes.
  • It also supports ePub and PDF.
  • Contacts can be backed up, restored and duplicate contacts can be found out and deleted.
  • It supports the latest iOS version.


  • iTunes already provides a lot of features such as backing up your data, so TunesMate may seem a bit redundant in some of its aspects.
  • It costs a bit of money, while iTunes is free. (But it provides some features fro free trial)

Top 2 PodTrans

PodTrans offers an extremely easy to use interface that is supported on both Mac and Windows. Even if you’re not extremely computer literate and are hesitant to mess around with your device’s files, PodTrans makes it easy. It even has a one-click transfer function to make things as seamless as possible.


  • Simple interface.
  • Quick data transfer.
  • Makes it easy to organize data.


  • Perhaps too simple for those are looking for more functionality.
  • Is “freemium” software. You will be up-sold to paid software that has similar functionality.

Top 3 iMazing

iMazing is software that’s been in development for many years. It was designed to do what iTunes won’t and to fill in a lot of the gaps in functionality that Apple left wide open. You can manage your photos, music, videos, contacts and more. You can also freely transfer your data between your devices and your PC.



  • You can back up your iPhone via USB and WIFI.
  • You can put music on your device that you didn’t necessarily buy through iTunes.
  • iMazing is extremely feature rich and has a long history. (It was formerly called DiskAid.)


  • Has perhaps too many features and may not be simple enough.
  • Might be too hard to use for someone who isn’t tech savvy.
  • While iMazing is free, iMazing 2, which has a lot of the best features, is not.
  • It does not support to transfer iOS data to iTunes library.

Top 4 CopyTrans

With the CopyTrans file manager, you can transfer just about any sort of file from iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your computer. You can restore your iTunes library easily as well as back up all of the files on your devices. It’s a good supplement to iTunes as well as something of a replacement.



  • Works with a wide variety of files.
  • Can copy your iPhone to your iTunes library.
  • Can back up all of your files.


  • Some people complain of technical problems with CopyTrans.
  • Can affect the function of iTunes playlists.
  • It only supports the Windows computer.
  • It does not support to transfer files between different iOS devices.
  • Its interface is not friendly for users to use.

Top 5 SynciOS

As the name implies, this is software that lets you download, import, and export all kinds of files to and from your device. It also helps you back up files and manage your playlists and albums.


  • You can make playlists without messing up your library.
  • Easy to use.
  • It supports to transfer notes.


  • It is not available to transferring app data and games from one iDevice to another.
  • It does not support to back up or transferring apps on iOS 9 and later version.

So if you’re thinking of downloading some iOS data transfer apps, consider the ones listed above. File transfer for iOS doesn’t have to be hard, and chances are that you can find something that will work for you.

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