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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to a New Mac

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Tata Davis

September 13, 2017 (Updated: May 11, 2021)

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Just bought a new Mac? It tends to excite and thrill you so well, but you are stuck with the question or difficulty of trying to transfer music from your iPhone to Mac? You’re not alone in this.Several people have been stuck with this question, and that’s why we are proffering a simple solution to this so that you could enjoy your new Mac. Follow me as I work you down on this simple, easy guide on how to transfer music from iPhone to Mac.

Why iTunes is not the Solution

iTunes 7 or newer allow one to transfer purchased songs from iPhone as many as five authorized computer. But note that it only works for the music you purchased from iTunes Store. It doesn’t work for songs ripped from CD or downloaded from other sources.

This restriction was designed to discourage casual piracy, but unfortunately, it also prevents one from easily copying legally acquired content from one's own device to their own computer. Obviously, every owner of Mac does want the same collection of music from his iPhone to Mac. Therefore, you need an iTunes alternative which can allow a seamless transfer from your iPhone to Mac.  iMyFone iPhone Transfer  is the tool you need.

An Effective Way to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac

iMyFone iPhone Transfer is a complete-way iOS content management tool that gives you the freedom to transfer music from iPhone to Mac and from your Mac to iPhone without any replacement of data. It is the best alternative for iTunes when transfer files.

Features of iMyFone iPhone Transfer

  • Share without Limits, Share iTunes music with family or friends, even in different Apple IDs.
  • Fast Transfer, you can simply copy music, video, photos from iPhone to Mac in few minutes.
  • Two Ways Transfer, you can transfer music from iTunes to iPhone/iPad/iPod and vice versa.
  • Support Wide File Types, supports videos, Movies, Camera Roll, Photo Library, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, Audiobooks and lots more.

Try It FreeTry It Free

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac Using iMyFone iPhone Transfer

Want to transfer some or all of copies of your iPhone music collections to your new Mac? If yes, iMyFone iPhone Transfer is simply the choice you need. From your Music, iTunes U, Podcasts, and Audiobooks, transferring from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to Mac can be done by simply dragging and dropping.

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone

Download and run iMyFone iPhone Transfer on your Mac, and then connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.


Step 2: Export Music from iPhone to Computer

a. On the top bar, click on the Music module which will then show you the “Music” window. You can also access other audio content in your device sorted as Music, iTunes U, Podcasts, and Audiobooks from the left sidebar. At liberty, you can export your desired songs by ticking and clicking on “Export > Export to PC” from the top menu.


b. Browse to your desired target folder to save the exported songs on your computer. Click on “OK” to start the export process.


Step 3: Export Successfully

When the export process is over, a pop up window “Export Successfully” will appear. Then, click on “Open Folder” to locate the exported songs on your computer, else, tap “OK” to close the window.


How to Copy Music from iPhone to Mac with iCloud

iCloud Music Library is the cloud-based store of all music collection in your Apple device. With this, you can easily transfer your music collection from your iPhone to your Mac. In order to get music from iPhone to Mac, you must first turn on iCloud Music Library on both your device and Mac and the one way to do this is by syncing both devices as described below. However, ensure you are signed in on both devices.

Step 1: Turn on iCloud on Your iPhone

  • To turn on the iCloud, go to settings and tap on Music
  • Scroll down to the setting and turn on the iCloud Music Library
  • Enable or disable the option to Merge or Replace Music if you are asked to


Step 2: Turn on iCloud on Your Mac

  • Open iTunes
  • On the iTunes dropdown, go to preference menu
  • Check or uncheck the general tab option that is iCloud Music Library


With that, your iPhone’s music collection will be synced with iTunes on your Mac.

However, is there any limitation with iCloud? Yes, there is. The limitation of using iCloud is that you can't sync again with iTunes after you've done it. Opening iTunes on your Mac will bring up the typical "iCloud Music Library is On" message. Therefore if you want to update the music you've synced from iTunes, you'll need to go over it all again.


With our complete-way iOS content management tool - iMyFone iPhone Transfer which has no limitation whatsoever like iCloud and the rest, your desire of having your music collection from your iPhone to your Mac has now been simplified.

Bonus Tip: How to Take Care of Your New Mac

Macs are very sleek computers which have the capability of lasting for quite a number of years after being pulled out of the box. However, similar to other computers, if not well taken care of, slowdowns, bugs and several other problems are sure to catch with it. Therefore, in order to keep your computer as healthy and safe as possible, practice the following tips.

  • Back up your data on regular basis
  • Have less number of utilities and services running in the background
  • Install Antivirus
  • Clean your system from dirt and dust
  • Endeavor to run disk utility to ensure your hard disk is healthy and fully functional
  • Keep your software updated

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