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5 Methods to Transfer Music From Old iPhone to iPhone X/8

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Kevin Walker

November 24, 2017 (Updated: November 24, 2017)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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Hello, I really need help with this: I bought a 16 GB iPhone 4 and I’ve got over 3,00 songs on it from my iTunes library on my MacBook. However, I recently got the 64GB iPhone 8 and I was wondering if I could transfer the songs from old iPhone to my new iPhone 8 without having to sort through all of them.

How To Transfer Music From Old iPhone to iPhone X/8

1 iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer is a platform that is used to manage Apple devices and products. It is a great tool to move various files between your iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac or computer. With the iMyFone TunesMate comes a type of flexibility not commonly experiencing when transferring files with the iTunes. Therefore, it's highly spoken by lots of media, such as GetintopcGeekreply.

Umate tunesmate

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • Quickly and easily transfer music from your PC to and from your iPhone/iTunes.
  • Transfer and move files from your iPhone to either an external hard drive, iTunes or media player.
  • Without using iTunes – directly add files to your iPhone from your computer
  • Supports all kind of files downloaded from google play, Amazon and any other part of the web.
  • Transfer a wide range of files such as podcasts, pictures, videos, audiobooks, iTunes U, playlists, movies and 10+ more.

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Steps to Transfer Music From Old iPhone to iPhone X/8

Transfer Music from Old iPhone to PC

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch the TunesMate app.
Step 2: Select the “Music” tab to see the music available on your device.
Step 3: Choose the songs you wish to transfer to your PC and then click “Export” and then select “Export to PC”.

export to pc

Step 4: Browse and choose the preferred folder to store the music files on your PC.

Transfer Music from PC to iPhone X/8

Step 1: Download TunesMate on your computer and launch it. Connect your device to your computer with your USB cable.
Step 2: Click on the “Music” option on the TunesMate tab and then choose “Add > Add File/Folder” to select the music files you wish to transfer from your computer.

add file

Step 3: Proceed to select the music files you wish to transfer to your iPhone and then select “Open” to begin the transfer process.

2 Transfer Music From Old iPhone To iPhone X/8 via iTunes Home Sharing

Step 1: Go to Settings > Music with the iPhone that has the music on it.
Step 2: Find Home Sharing by scrolling down.
Step 3: Enter your Apple ID and Password.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1,2,3,4 on the iPhone you want to transfer the music to.
Step 5: Open the music app on the iPhone you want to send music to.
Step 6: If you use Apple Music, go to “My Music” and then “Songs” or “Albums” and choose Home sharing. if you do not use Apple Music, select More>Shared and select the library you want to listen to.

itunes home sharing

3 Transfer Music From Old iPhone to iPhone X/8 via iTunes Store

Step 1: Launch the iTunes Store Application.
Step 2: Select More > Purchased.
Step 3: Select Purchased > Music.
Step 4: Select All Songs.
Step 5: Select Download All songs.

itunes store

Download speed will depend on your internet connection and number of music to be downloaded.

4 Transfer Music From Old iPhone to iPhone X/8 via AirDrop

Step 1: Ensure that both devices are connected to Wi-Fi and have their Bluetooth turned on.
Step 2: On the target device: On iOS 10 and below; go to control center and select “AirDrop” on iOS 11 and above go to control center, press and hold the top left module and select “AirDrop”.
Step 3: Select either “Contacts Only or “Everyone” to enable “AirDrop”.
Step 4: On the source device, go to Apple Music and select the Music/Album to Transfer.
Step 5: Select the “…” symbol and tap on “Share Song/Album”.
Step 6: Select the icon for the target iPhone and wait for permission.
Step 7: Select “Accept” on the target iPhone to receive the song via AirDrop.


5 Transfer Music From Old iPhone to iPhone X/8 via Family Sharing

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Set up Family Sharing> Get Started > Continue on your device to activate Family Sharing. a credit or debit card is needed.
Step 2: As the organizer of the Family Share Plan, you will set up and be responsible for the payment of purchases of other members in the future.
Step 3: Select the “Add Family Member” option to add a family member to your group, you can add up to 5 people.
Step 4: Once you have configured Family Sharing, every member of the group can have access to each other’s music, TV shows, Apps, movies, books and so on. Go to iTunes Store > More > Purchased. You can choose a family member to download any song you wish from them.

Family Sharing

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