There may come a time when you would want to transfer your music from your iTunes library to another Apple account. Unfortunately, there is no quick and simple way to do this. You will have to transfer the desired music from your computer to theirs and then they will have to add that music to their iTunes library. It is done best with a good third-party iPhone file transfer tool.

Best Way to Transfer Music from One iTunes Account to Another

You can use iMyFone TunesMate to transfer your purchased as well as non-purchased music from one account to another. The best thing about this tool is that it won't require you to provide any password and you won't have to worry about any duplicate songs in the iTunes library as well. You can use it as your primary iPhone file transfer tool.

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How to Transfer Music from One Account to Another Without Duplicates

Let's say you want to transfer your purchased music to your friend's iTunes account. You can achieve this by following these instructions:

1 Transfer Your iTunes Music to iDevice

  1. First connect your iDevice to your computer and launch iMyFone TunesMate.
  2. From the home interface of TunesMate, select Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice. It will scan and then ask which type of media you wish to transfer.
  3. From the provided list, select Music and then click on Transfer button. It will transfer all the iTunes music (purchased and non-purchased) to your connected iDevice.


2 Transfer Music from iDevice to Another iTunes

  1. Now disconnect your iDevice and connect it to your friend's computer via USB cable.
  2. Launch TunesMate on your friend's computer and select Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes option from the home interface of the software and then click Start.
  3. Your iDevice will be scanned and then you will be asked to select the media type you wish to transfer.
  4. Tick Music (untick all other media types) and then click on Start button. All the music files on your iDevice will be transferred to the iTunes library on your friend's computer.



TunesMate will only transfer those files that are not available in the iTunes library. So there won't be any duplicates.

Following are some features of TunesMate:

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Key Features:

  • TunesMate does not have any bugs and errors that you can expect when using iTunes. Furthermore, it also bypasses most of the iTunes restrictions, making it the best iTunes alternative for managing iPhone photos, videos, music, apps, etc.
  • More than ten types of media files are supported including videos, movies, photos, music, audiobooks, playlists, podcasts, etc.
  • You can transfer your purchase and non-purchased iPhone music all at once or selectively to your computer.
  • 100% safe file transfers. Transferring media via TunesMate does not erase previous data in your iPhone.
  • You can easily edit music ID3 tags with iMyFone TunesMate.
  • Highly recommended by many professional software review webistes, such as Getintopc, Geekreply,, etc.

Transfer Music from One iTunes Account to Another Using iTunes

In order to transfer your music from one Apple account to another via iTunes, you will have to merge the iTunes libraries of both accounts.


  • You cannot transfer purchased music with this method.
  • There will be duplicates after transferring.

How to Transfer Music from One iTunes Account to Another

Step 1: First, it is recommended that you consolidate your iTunes library to ensure that all the content is in iTunes Media folder. To do this, navigate to Files > Library > Organize Library in iTunes on your computer and select the Consolidate Files option, then click OK to confirm your action. Depending on the size of content in your iTunes library, the consolidation process will take several minutes.


Step 2: iTunes Library.itl. and iTunes Library.xml are the two files you will need. They are located in ~/Music/iTunes/. Copy these as well as the iTunes Media folder from your computer to your friend's computer.


Step 3: Now launch iTunes on your friend's computer and create a new playlist. Select that playlist and drag and drop the iTunes Media folder that you copied in the previous step to the newly created playlist.

Step 4: Next, navigate to File > Library > Import Playlist and select the iTunes Library.xml file that you copied from your computer. Doing this will add all the contents you dragged into iTunes. Furthermore, it will also add the playlists from your library to your friend's library.


If everything goes right, your friend will have an iTunes library with content and playlists from two different iTunes libraries (yours and his).