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Two Effective Ways to Restore iTunes Library from Backup

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Daniel Evans

March 1, 2018 (Updated: March 1, 2018)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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Wondering what the effective ways of restoring iTunes library from the backup are? Stop looking for elsewhere! We have got you covered in this piece, and these solutions have been updated to restore iTunes library from backup. But, do you know that most of the methods now available online are outdated if not completely useless? Many of those who want to restore and backup iTunes usually find out too late that they are employing a method that is no longer good. So, what are the solutions?

How to Restore iTunes Library from Backup?

Way #1: Back up and Restore iTunes Library with iMyFone TunesMate

To effectively and efficiently restore iTunes library, you can give iMyFone TunesMate a try. It is the trusted third-party multi-purpose software that is helping iTunes users to easily manage their library without going through any complicated steps as some solutions demand. With TunesMate, you can do so many things within few minutes.

You can selectively restore iTunes library by first preview it with TunesMate. The software ensures that your data are kept intact while trying to restore iTunes library from backup. Let us discuss some of its key features.

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Key Features:

  • Free 2-Way transfer: quickly transfer media files between iDevice and iTunes/computer.
  • Allow you to preview content for selectively transferring: provide data previewing chance before you start to transfer media files.
  • Will not erase old data in your iPhone while transferring: sync media files securely and efficiently to iPhone with no chances of data loss.
  • Transfer data from unlimited iDevices and unlimited iTunes libraries: TunesMate can transfer iOS data to and from unlimited devices or iTunes libraries.
  • Get rid of various iTunes errors and limitations: back up iTunes library without opening iTunes to avoid iTunes errors and limitations.

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Detailed Steps on How to Restore iTunes Library from iOS Device Backup with iMyFone TunesMate:

Step 1Launch iMyFone TunesMate on your computer, and connect your iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to computer with original USB cable.

Step 2Click "Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes" on the home interface to transfer iTunes library backup on your iOS device to iTunes, and click "Start" in pop-up window panel to scan all media files on your device.

Step 3All media files will be checked by default. You can freely choose what you want to restore back to your iTunes and then click "Start" button to begin the restoring process. When the process completes, click "Complete".

As you can see, iMyFone TunesMate has a lot of functions that you will certainly need. The process of using it is not complicated. Thus, using TunesMate is the best way to restore iTunes library from backup. You can also back up iTunes library to iOS devices with iMyFone TunesMate.

Way #2: Back up and Restore iTunes Library with External Hard Drive

Let's say you have iTunes library backup on an external hard drive, then you can back up and restore iTunes library with the external hard drive. Follow the step-by-step guide below to restore.

Step 1Quit iTunes on your computer, and plug an external hard drive that have iTunes library backup into the computer.

Step 2On My Computer (Windows) or Finder (Mac), you can find the hard drive. Open the hard drive and navigate to find iTunes backup.

Step 3Drag iTunes Folder on the external hard drive to a location on your computer. The default location of iTunes is the best place to put the folder. You will be asked whether to replace the old one with the new one if the location you move the folder to contains iTunes library. If you move to the same location, old content will be overwritten. Thus please make sure iTunes Folder contains all media files that you want to restore before you move. Otherwise, it is better to move to another location.

  • Mac: Choose Go > Home from the Finder menu bar. Double click the Music folder.
  • Windows XP: Navigate to \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\.
  • Windows Vista: Navigate to \Users\username\Music\iTunes.
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8: Navigate to \Users\username\My Music\iTunes.

Step 4While holding down the Option key on a Mac, or the Shift key on Windows, launch iTunes to pop up a window asking to Quit, Create Library or Choose Library. Click Choose Library.

Step 5Locate the iTunes folder on a Mac or .itl file on Windows that you just restored from backup. Click Choose on a Mac or Open on Windows and select the iTunes Library.itl file inside. And then iTunes will launch, and that's it; you have successfully restore iTunes library from hard drive backup.

How to Manage and Back up iTunes Media Library?

Properly managing your iTunes media library is very important and this you can do by backing up your media. It usually does not take long before music, videos, and other files fill up your device. Therefore, organizing them well can contribute to your better enjoyment of iTunes. Follow the steps below to manage and backup your iTunes media library to external hard drive.

Step 1Quick iTunes on your computer, and plug an external hard drive to the computer.

Step 2Find your iTunes folder. The place of the folder varies according to your operating system of your computer. You can refer to Part 1 to locate the folder.

Step 2Drag the iTunes folder from its location to an external drive. Your library and media files will be copied to the drive.

Now, you can start to enjoy iTunes library to the fullest.

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