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iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery

When you run the program on your computer, a pop-up will appear and you can just click "Register" button and
then fill in the license information you received. After that, just click "Register" and the program will be
registered successfully. register iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery 1
register iMyFone iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery 2
You can also click the menu button in the upper right corner, and then click "Register" to fill in your
license information.
register iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery 3
The trial version and registered version are almost with the same functions. But there are still very few
functional differences between them. The trial version only supports scanning the iOS device to preview the
lost WhatsApp data; while the registered one, not only can preview lost WhatsApp data, but most importantly,
it can recover the lost WhatsApp data.
Certainly it is because that you continue to use the device after data loss, which caused new data to
overwrite the old one.
Do remember: not to use your phone continuously after data being deleted.
This software can only run on a computer (Mac or Windows), so it cannot be installed on iPad or iPod touch.
This is why the program has Windows and Mac version.
Only under the circumstance that you have the password to decrypt the iTunes backup, can this software work.
Encrypted iTunes backup file is not available for recovery since the iTunes protect the data for security
Are you sure the password you entered was totally right? Have you tried to log in your iCloud account on And have you set two-factor authentication for Apple ID? If you have, you’ll be required to turn
off the two-factor authentication
for Apple ID.

iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery scrapes together deleted or lost data from your iOS devices, however, the
deleted or lost data is easily to be overwritten by turning off iOS devices or filling new data on iOS
devices. And once the data is overwritten, no data recovery tools can recover it from iOS devices.
If you want to play the audio files of WhatsApp, you need to download and install the corresponding player
according to the file extension, or convert the file into the format that most players can open. For
example, if the audio message is opus file, you can play it using the player foobar2000.

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