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Smart BLE Finder

Bluetooth devices, especially like Bluetooth earbuds easily get lost but they cost a lot of money. Smart BLE Finder will help you to find lost Bluetooth devices in seconds.
If it鈥檚 the first time that you use Smart BLE Finder, please select 鈥淪can Bluetooth Devices鈥. If you have
found the device with Smart BLE Finder before and lost it again, please select 鈥淧aired Devices鈥.
If you can not find your device name in the list of scanning results, your device may have the name with
鈥淏luetooth鈥 and below the name you will find the unique Bluetooth ID, which you can find from the user
If your Bluetooth device is within 2 meters, you can play sound to help you find device faster. In order to
play sound, you need to pair your iOS device to the lost Bluetooth device first. Smart BLE Finder can only
plays sound if Bluetooth devices are headphones, headsets, earbuds and speakers.
Bluetooth device manufactures will give detailed instructions about how to pair with other devices in the
user manual and include the pairing code. Most BlueTooth Devices will set the pairing code like
0000,1234,8888,or 6666. Just try to pair with these codes if you forgot it.
Smart BLE Finder can only find the device with power on and emit Bluetooth signal. In order to find your
Bluetooth devices, You'd better try Smart BLE Finder against time.
Smart BLE Finder records the device paired within this application. If your device is paired before
installing Smart BLE Finder, it will be not listed in the 鈥淧aired Devices鈥.
RSSI value is used to evaluate Bluetooth signal. The value is negative. The smaller of the number, the
closer the distance.

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