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Apple OS X 10.12 Fuji Features and Rumors

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Aaron Donald

June 8, 2016 (Updated: July 31, 2020锛

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os X 10.12

With the raging new updates and excellent user interface of Windows 10 designed by Microsoft, Apple experts are expected to bring similar features and various improvements for Mac in the latest version of OS X 10.12.聽And chances are that they will.

We still don鈥檛 know much about this recent version of OS however, we can easily speculate some things with the reports from the inside people. Sources have confirmed that this new version will bring innumerable software updates for the hardware but will not contain any new physical products. OS X 10.12 will be more than just a few bug fixes and updates in performance; it will definitely contain some big changes!

In this article we are going to talk about the various rumors about the software update that are floating around.

Release date

Cutting to the chase, Apple fans around the world should expect a grand introduction of this fabulous software update around 13th聽June, around 10 am PT. It will take place at Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) where they will give you the highlights of Apple desktop OS X 10.12. The software is said to be released somewhere in November this year. This will be a free update like the previous versions.


Mac OS X 10.12 name

Apple has formerly named its updates on famous California landmarks but it is also well-known for not sticking with one good name for long. The older names were Mavericks and Yosemite, but this year, the names might be Tiburon, Grizzly, Sonoma, Miramar, Farallon, Skyline, Ventura, Diablo, Monterey and a few more. It is rumored that the name is Fuji but it is not yet confirmed. 聽This isn't after Mount Fuji in Japan, but rather after Fuji apples, which are widely grown in the state.聽So which one will it be?

Appearance of Siri

Siri, your personal assistant, was launched by Apple back in 2011 but till yet is unavailable for desktop versions. With this new update, it is being rumored that Apple users will finally enjoy Siri integration in Macs.

Windows released its personal assistant Cortana for devices and even desktops and windows users are greatly benefitting from it. Therefore Apple has decided to provide its users with the same benefits as Cortana. However, Siri will not be automatically enabled on your Mac and it is said that the users will have to delve into their desktop鈥檚 settings to turn it on manually.

siri on mac

Touch聽ID Appearance

Touch聽ID is not out of question for desktop OS, but it said to be implemented in the software鈥檚 new version to avoid the installation of a fingerprint scanner in the hardware side.

This will make the unlocking system on your Mac extremely easy, just like unlocking your iPhone. Apple engineers are working real hard on this update so you can bid adieu to the hassle of long passwords. There are a number of third part apps for Apple that accepts Touch聽ID authorizations so this addition in the latest iteration of OS X 10.12 will be no surprise.

touch id mac

A better solution for file backup

We are all aware of Apple鈥檚 Time Machine that allows the Mac user to backup their files on an external hard drive or to a time capsule. But the Mac users are looking for something better that can help them manage numerous large files like videos and movies.

Chances are that Apple might be working on iCloud features for the users of Mac so they can upload the large files and easily access them as well. iCloud currently is limited to app data, photos and device specific info. The capacity for online storage right now for iCloud is 5GB, with the option of 25GB, 200GB and 1TB for more prices. The introduction of more storage for lower price rates shouldn鈥檛 be a huge issue for Apple.

iTunes death

Mac users are no fan of iTunes because of its slow speed and making it difficult to transfer files from Mac to iPhone. Apple users have been requesting the experts to eliminate iTunes and instead, allow separate apps which will be dedicated to music, videos, text content and podcasts. This can be seen in Google鈥檚 Android platform in the form of Google Play Movies, Google Play music etc. Apple users can access these files on their phones but what about the Android users and their access to Apple鈥檚 services? Thus it will be a good choice to say goodbye to iTunes and introduce few smaller apps for this task.

鈥淪ave As鈥 should returning

Although we are not sure, it is rumored that the option of Save As might return. Its absence was a great setback for the users and their new approach to saving isn鈥檛 widely appreciated and only causing more confusion for the Shift-S users.

Other Features and Rumors

Better support for Swift

What Apple reveals about Swift, Apple would be smart to improve it so OS X 10.12 provides an update to Swift that will allow developers to convert their older pre-Swift apps to the new Swift platform. A native feature related to saving data should also be included in OS X 10.12, although information about this specific detail is currently scarce.

Better Photos

According to a Japanese Apple-focused Website that Photos will be updated with new tools, such as those for editing EXIF information and touch-based parameter adjustment tools, similar to those found in the latest editions of the app on iOS. The Mac version could well see the addition of these rumored editing tools, too.

Night Shift

Apple has introduced Night Shift across iOS devices. It makes complete sense for the company to make this a standard feature on future Macs. Hope it will be used on Mac.


We are looking forward to Apple's WWDC 2016 conference on 13th June. We expect there will be more features shown than what we've listed for here. Good news is on the way!

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