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Apple Watch , Everything We Know about It

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Heather Marston

June 15, 2016 (Updated: June 15, 2016锛

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apple watch 2

Apple were working on the health related issues where Apple planned to include sensors which can measure things like Skin, blood oxygen level and blood pressure. But the company didn鈥檛 get the best output and later decided to scrap the technology that result in first generation Apple watch. iPhone Smart watch is an attractive buy throughout the world. A Fantastic smartwatch is donning in 2016 with lower price but higher app count. iPhone 5 along with compatible smartwatch comes with more than 71 flavours and different case materials, colours, sizes and interchangeable bands. Originally it was launched on 24, April 2015 with US $349 and the next version 2 is realising in 2016 where the Apple watch 1 prices were dropped by US $299 on March 21, 2016.

Why Buy an Apple Watch?

As we know that Apple watch is the simplified version of iPhone on your wrist. The square shaped watch just works as a mini iPhone which enables to read emails, make and receive calls from your wrist. Small size like 38mm is also available but most of the people prefer bigger size to get better battery life and more touchscreen space available with slightly higher cost.

Apple Watch 2 Features

WWDC announced Apple Watch would be releasing its new version on June 2016. Let鈥檚 have a quick view to the new apple watch features.

  1. Battery Life is compatible more than version 1 and also impacts more on its performance.
  2. New Design is added in version 2 which can add new materials like titanium, tungsten, palladium and platinum.
  3. Display is far better that includes time lapse videos, personalised live photos and albums every time you look at your watch. There is always new image waiting for you.
  4. Native apps will be build that could run directly on your Apple watch and also with a high speed.
  5. Siri, an extremely powerful program which involves internet connectivity and processor improvements. It adds features like set reminders, add notes, text my wife and lot more.
  6. Health sensors release with care-kit and research-kit that helps you to create a health care app along with GPS system which includes Wi-Fi chip to track Apple watch using Wi-Fi router.
  7. Waterproof with almost 80% respondents and more than IPX7 rated and covers the depth of 1m.
  8. Integration, FaceTime Camera and Smart bands are the new features added in OS-2. The third quarter would be releasing next year.

apple watch 2 features

聽聽Rumoured iWatch Features in watchOS 3

  1. New improvements would be done in coming version OS 3 and you can see the preview this October-September 2016. OS 3 would be seven times faster than OS 2. This would completely change your way of using app.
  2. Dock and control centre, Live dock app with one press available and use dots of the button to scroll, faster access with one tap.
  3. Scribble that will draw out words with your finger and it can work in English and Chinese languages.
  4. New Watch Faces which would change the colour of the dress and you can also select the different fonts with new activity rings.
  5. OS 3 includes SOS message which can connect over Wi-Fi that can display auto Medical ID with your age, and health information.

apple watch 2 color

Apple Watch Release Date

Apple Watch was announced to release on 8th September 2014 but the shipping began on April 24, 2015. Apple Watch with OS version 1.0.1 was released on May 29, 2015 with new features and watch OS 2.0 was released on September 21, 2015. Now, the third versions with rumoured features are releasing on 13 June 2016 and will be available publicly in the fall of 2016.

Apple watch is quickly becoming one of the best wearable devices with the shipment of 4.2 million smartwatches sold in 2015 in the second quarter. Now, let鈥檚 hope the apple watch 2 feature which will be released in third quarter of 2016 will satisfy customer requirements and take the technology towards then next generation.



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