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Apple Watch & watchOS – Here is What You Wanna Know

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Heather Marston

June 14, 2016 (Updated: June 14, 2016)

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Apple fans who have not managed to buy an Apple Watch yet, have a much better chance in 2016 due to lower prices and the increased number of applications that make it more attractive. The cheapest version costs $ 299 (not much lower than the launch price of $ 349) and can reach up to $ 17,000 depending on the facilities and equipment.

Although everyone is looking forward to Apple Watch 2, the design will probably not be much different. Currently there are 71 versions of design, combining different materials, cases, sizes, colors and interchangeable straps and a total change of design would make users very unhappy. But experts predict that the new Apple Watch could be 20% - 40% thinner, even if the form will remain the same. A firmware upgrade in the form of watchOS 3 would be welcome.

watchos 3

watchOS 2 features a number of visible improvements compared to previous version, which include flexibility in choosing the displayed information, new themes for interface with images that reflect each time of day and the Time Travel function for the calendar. NightStand mode allows the display of time on the screen and set an alarm to wake up. And because a purpose of a smartwatch is to facilitate communication, with Apple Watch you can view and reply to e-mails, and thanks to the FaceTime audio, you can answer incoming calls. Apple Watch 2 could receive a video camera that works with this application and can even initiate video calls on the watch. Apple also comes with a number of options and fitness applications that help you stay healthy, but also motivates you to do more exercise.

If you happen to forget where you leave your iPhone or misplace your boarding ticket in your purse or even take pictures of the group worried that someone will be cut out from it, Apple Watch also helps in these situations. So you can always find your iPhone with Find My Mobile app and you got your boarding pass at your hand sort of speak. You can even live preview images on the iPhone's camera, so that you can make the perfect selfie or join a group picture.

Apple Watch Rumors

Apple Watch 2 is rumored to have its own cellular modem that would allow it to have its own native applications, without depending on the iPhone. Thus, it likely would become faster and extend battery life, if Apple does not plan to come from the start with a better battery. Such improvement requires beter hardware which heads the rumors towards an ARM Cortex A32 processor specially created for portable devices, which would be 25% faster than the current processor that uses System on a Chip ( SoC) based on the ARMv7 architecture.

The current Health app measures your heart rate and keeps information from other health and fitness apps in one place. But Apple Watch 2 could come up with a set of improved sensors and intelligent health monitoring belts, approved by the FDA.

Another novelty would be watch’s own GPS system, independent of the iPhone, which would provide greater independence for the device. Presently, the watch has only accelerometer and gyrometer and uses Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection for your iPhone or home network. Although it has microphone and speaker, does not incorporate a headphone jack, but it is rumored that Apple Watch 2 could fix this shortcoming.

apple watch 2 coming

The current OLED screen seems to maintain size and resolution on the next version as well, although there are rumors that say Apple Watch 2 will receive a flexible OLED screen, possibly thinner, produced by LG to make room for larger batteries. The screen could be complemented by a new type of strap that could display notifications.

What we expect from WatchOS 3 however is a series of substantial improvements like faster applications, a more organized display (it is very difficult to select an app from a variety of small icons on a screen just as small) , improved battery life and independence from the iPhone. Although the current Apple Watch is water-resistent, Apple Watch 2 would show more interest if it would be waterproof.

Despite of these iwatch rumors, it remains to be seen whether Apple Watch 2 will be announced now in June or in September, with the iPhone 7.

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