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Battery Hacks (and Myths!) Every iPhone User Must Know

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Tata Davis

December 29, 2016 (Updated: December 29, 2016)• Filed to: Tech News

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There’s just something about having a low battery that is deflating. It’s almost as if a bit of life has been sucked away from you. And you don’t even have to think far to understand why. Phones have literally become associated with everything that we do that we cannot do without them. And when that low battery warning pops up, your face totally becomes a sad emoji. To remedy this and put more smiles on your face, this post will teach you battery hacks you can use to squeeze more juice out of your battery.

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Let’s go!

1. Stop closing your apps

Perhaps one of the biggest myths about extending battery life is closing opened apps will extend it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that it doesn’t and could, in fact, use more power to start the said apps. The reason is simple iOS has internal algorithms that perform memory management. They know when to shut apps that have been dormant for a while or apps taking a sizeable chunk of power and memory. You’ll be better off allowing the system regulates itself. So yeah, myth busted!

2. Turn it over

When you’re going to leave the phone unused for a long time, a good strategy is to turn the screen downwards. This will prevent it from popping on and off at the instance of all notifications; saving you some precious battery power.

3. Turn on Grayscale

This is one of the most underused battery hacks. When your battery is low and you’re far away from a power source, turn your screen to black and white to save some battery life. It might not look impressive without the colors and flash, but heck yeah leaves your phone functional. You can turn on grayscale by going to Settings > General > Accessibility, and toggling Grayscale” on.

4. Avoid cellular data like a plague

At all times, you’ll be best served using your Wifi and not your cellular data. This is because cellular data uses more power than Wifi. So yeah, try to connect to a Wifi connection if possible.

5. Use “Low Power Mode”

Sorry to be Captain Obvious, but it just has to be said. Switching to “Low Power Mode” takes the iPhone to a state where it consumes only 70% of its normal consumption by turning off background refresh, reducing brightness, and other power-saving actions. To turn on “Low Power Mode”, Settings > Battery > and toggle the option to on.

6. One Charge Cycle rule

As per recommendation from Apple, it is advisable to complete a charge cycle at least once each month. A charge cycle simply means charging your battery till it’s full and then running it down completely. Always keep that in mind!

7. Turn off flash

To be honest, no picture ever looked good with flash on; they are simple LED lights. People forget and leave them on even when taking pictures on broad daylight. You can turn this off by launching the Camera app and tapping the Zeus lightning rod like icon and tap “Off”.

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