For every website owner, it's a dream to appear on the first page of search engine results and beat their competitors.

If you're also one of those and looking to make this dream a reality, then you're on the right page.

We all know that SEO is a vast and complex field that's hard to master. But with the help of some awesome tools, it's become a lot easier to discover opportunities for improvement and identify potential issues that could be holding your website back.

In this blog post, we'll share with you our top 13 favorite SEO tools to optimize your website and help you achieve better rankings on search engines. And best of all, most of them are either free or have free trials.

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13 of The Best SEO Tools to Monitor and Optimize Your Website

To save you the trouble of searching for website optimization tools and then trying out each one, we have compiled a list of our top 13 favorites that cover almost every aspect of SEO.

Let's have a look at them one by one:

1. SEMrush

If you're really serious about optimizing your website for search engines, then SEMrush is an invaluable tool for your SEO strategy. It's an all-in-one platform that offers a comprehensive set of SEO tools to help you with keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, content marketing, and much more.

Price: Semrush's basic plan costs $119.95/month.

Features Overview:

  • Domain & keyword analytics
  • Easily identify keyword intent
  • Backlink auditing & building
  • SEO content writing assistant
  • SERP position change tracking
  • SEO website auditing tool
  • PPC competitive analysis
  • Tracking of SERP volatility


2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another popular SEO tool that is often recommended by SEO experts. It offers the world's biggest database of search queries and active backlinks. With Ahrefs, you can easily track your website's organic traffic, discover new keywords, spy on your competitors, find hidden backlink opportunities, and do technical SEO audits.

Price: Ahrefs' Lite plan starts at $99/month.

Features Overview:

  • Keyword research for 10 search engines
  • Content value & popularity analysis
  • Identify link-building opportunities
  • Domain vs domain comparison
  • Batch analysis of up to 200 URLs
  • Topic's traffic potential checking
  • SERP position history monitoring


3. Serpstat

Serpstat is a solid SEO tool that gives you a lot of control over your SEO, PPC, and content marketing efforts. It's great for keyword research, competitor analysis, SERP feature tracking, site audit, and rank tracking. It's also an affordable alternative to tools like Ahrefs and offers a lot of useful features that can make your SEO efforts even more effective.

Price: Free + Premium (Starting at $69/month)

Features Overview:

  • Keyword research for SEO & PPC
  • Keyword difficulty & trends analysis
  • Organic & PPC competitors analysis
  • Backlink analysis & management
  • SERP features & position tracking
  • Keyword grouping & tagging


4. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is a relatively new tool in the SEO world, but it's already made a name for itself as a powerful backlink analysis tool. LinkMiner makes it easy to check the backlinks of your site and competitors’ backlink profiles. You can also look up other useful data, such as link strength, anchor text, trust flow, citation flow, and much more.

Price: Free Trial + Premium (Starting at $29.90/month)

Features Overview:

  • Sort specific types of links into categories
  • Search links by domain, subdomain, or URL
  • Overview of specific backlink strength
  • Search the backlinks by lost or new
  • Live backlink's target site preview


5. Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to keyword research, we think Google Keyword Planner is one of the best SEO tools for beginners. It's a free tool from Google that gives you insights into how often particular queries are being searched for, and how much competition there is for each one. You can also use it to get ideas for new keywords you might want to target.

Price: Free

Features Overview:

  • Get traffic estimates for keywords
  • Discover new and related keywords
  • Find the keyword trend & seasonality
  • Sort and filter the list of keywords
  • Find the keywords of your competitor

google ads

6. KWFinder

KWFinder is a great tool from Mangools for researching keywords. It's especially useful for finding long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. With KWFinder, you can easily find hundreds of new keywords to target, and get detailed information about each one, including search volume, SEO difficulty, CPC, and more.

Price: Free Trial + Premium (Starting at $29/month)

Features Overview:

  • Most accurate keyword difficulty
  • In-depth SERP features research
  • Autocomplete & Related Keywords
  • Hidden long-tail keyword generator
  • Find the keywords of your competitors
  • View the search trend of keyword


7. Keyword Surfer

With more than 400,000 users, Keyword Surfer is a free extension for Google Chrome that's beloved by many SEOs. It shows estimated global and monthly search volume, CPC, and competition in the SERP for any keyword you research on Google. Plus, it also suggests similar terms along with their average search volume.

Price: Free

Features Overview:

  • Suggests keyword ideas based on search
  • Check the length of the articles on SERP
  • See the similarity score of related terms
  • View estimated search volume and CPC

keyword surfer

8. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a must-have tool for every website owner. It helps you see how your site is performing in the search results, and get detailed information about clicks, impressions, and CTR. You can also use this Google SEO tool to check on the status of your website and its technical parts, find and fix errors and monitor Core Web Vitals.

Price: Free

Features Overview:

  • Analysis of keywords using search queries
  • View the average position of pages in SERP
  • Indexing errors and warnings monitoring
  • Monitor the no. of backlinks to your website
  • Submit your sitemap directly to Google

google search console

9. RankMath

RankMath has taken the process of on-page and technical SEO to a new level with its all-in-one SEO solution. With RankMath, you can easily optimize your website's titles and descriptions, set up rich snippets, monitor your website's SEO health, and much more. Plus, it allows you to track improvement suggestions after an audit and do many other SEO tasks.

Price: Free Trial + Premium (Starting at $59/year)

Features Overview:

  • Advanced on-page optimization features
  • Monitor 404 errors and handle redirection
  • SEO audits and performance tracking
  • Bulk edit of titles and descriptions
  • Custom structured data/schema builder
  • Make your XML sitemap more customizable


10. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a great website analyzer tool that lets you check your website's health, SEO issues, and performance. With this tool, you can easily find and fix technical SEO issues, improve your website's on-page optimization, find broken links, review website structure, and track your website's progress over time.

Price: Free Trial + Premium (Starting at $23/month)

Features Overview:

  • Detailed site SEO audit report
  • Daily keyword rank tracking
  • 24/7 monitoring of website changes
  • GSC and Google Analytics integration
  • Monitor and analyze your backlinks


11. Nitropack

Nitropack is a cloud-based website speed optimization tool that allows you to make your site faster and pass the Core Web Vitals test. The tool makes use of content delivery networks (CDNs), caching, code minification, lazy-loading, and more to help you speed up your website load times.

Price: Free + Premium (Starting at $21/month)

Features Overview:

  • Advanced page/browser caching
  • Optimizes your images automatically
  • Code minification and compression
  • Built-in content delivery network (CDN)


12. Robots.txt Genarator

Robots.txt is a text file that tells search engine crawlers or robots which pages on your website to index and which ones to ignore. This tool from Ryte allows you to easily generate a robots.txt file for your website and add it to your server.

Price: Free

Robots.txt Genarator

13. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the most popular website audit tools on the market. It allows you to quickly identify technical and onsite SEO issues for your website. With this tool, you can quickly find and fix broken links, redirect chains, duplicate content, and other issues that slow down your SEO.

Price: Free + Premium (Starting at $209/year)

Features Overview:

  • Crawl 500 URLs for free
  • Find broken links (404s)
  • Generate XML sitemaps
  • View the blocked URLs
  • Identify redirect chains & loops
  • Analyze page titles & metadata

screaming frog

Bonus: A Free SEO Chrome Extension - SEO Master

SEO Master is a free chrome extension that provides you with key SEO metrics about any site or page in just a few clicks.

This SEO tool can help you get quick stats about the website you are browsing, such as total pages indexed by major search engines. Give you quick access to SEMrush backlinks/rank, Moz domain authority, and traffic reports.

It also provides detailed information about the site's content, like titles, descriptions, and keywords. You can even use it to find broken links and redirects, as well as internal and external links.

Price: Free

Features Overview:

  • Full on-page SEO report
  • Quick access to SEMrush backlink analysis, traffic analysis reports
  • Find broken & redirecting links
  • Social engagement statistics
  • View MOZ domain authority
  • SEO tools recommendation


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As Google and other search engines constantly change their algorithms, it's important to keep your SEO strategy up-to-date and use the latest tools to stay ahead of the competition.

By using the SEO tools we've mentioned above, you'll be able to get valuable insights into your website's SEO health, find and fix issues, and track your progress over time.

If you think we have missed any important SEO tools that should be included in this list, let us know in the comments section below.