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How to Make The Most of Siri

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Tata Davis

January 3, 2017 (Updated: May 28, 2020锛

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Are you aware that Apple's digital assistance - Siri, has evolved to become one of the most useful and powerful tools on every iOS device? Most iPhone users who are now enjoying the awesomeness of this application are now familiar with many of the different ways through which they can use Siri to make their day-to-day endeavors easier.

On this article titled "How to make the most of Siri", we shall be enlightening you on how to master Siri in order to use it in sending emails, getting direction, look things up, etc. Here is how to make the most of Siri.

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  1. Practice makes perfect: If you are new to using Siri, she may not respond efficiently the first couple of times you may command her to carry out some instructions, but do not relent to using your iPhone manually, because over time, you will master the use of Siri effectively.
  2. Set up contacts: Setting up your contacts requires you to educate Siri on who is important in your life. You can begin by telling Siri "Jennifer is my wife," "Edward is my boss" or "Ben is my son." Hence, whenever you ask Siri to call your boss, she will search through your contacts and put a call to Edward.
  3. Utilize your calendar: You can schedule or reschedule multiple appointments and meetings through Siri; all that it requires is a clear instruction and adding much information to every command. Siri can ask you for clarifications if there is confusion due to ambiguity or conflicting schedules.
  4. Set up location-aware reminders: Adding locations to your reminder will help you to instruct Siri properly based on location, but you will need to add location to your reminders before this can work. Hence, whenever you get to that location, Siri will pop up a reminder for you.
  5. Set timers: Timer is one of the best ways to keep your eye on time while doing your home chores, cooking, reading, baking, or preparing to visit a friend. You will have to set your timer by instructing Siri to set timer for a specific amount of time.

Using Siri over time is the best way of getting used to its different features; it also allows Siri to master your nuances and accent in your voice in order to assist you better. However, working with Siri is very easy and knowing what Siri can do would help you to know how to instruct it or use such features or functions. Here are some of the function and features of Siri, which you can utilize to make your work easier with Siri:

  1. Perform Calculations: As a sales rep, you may not need to open your iPhone calculator in order to multiply, deduct, add or divide numbers; all you need to do is to ask Siri "What is the product of 1,490 multiplied by 22?" and the answer will be ready for you in the twinkle of an eye.
  2. Check appointments: "What are my appointments today?" should be your first question to Siri when you wake up on a workday. You can also ask for your events for the month of January, or appointments for the coming week. At your request, Siri will list them out for you.
  3. Lookup things: Looking up things on the internet has been made easy with Siri, you may come across an application like iMyfone Umate Pro, and you may want to know more about this application, you can ask Siri "What is iMyfone Umate Pro." You can also lookup words on the dictionary when reading a novel or text, you can lookup information like "How big is a blue whale?" "How many moons does planet Jupiter have?"
  4. Search apps: You can use Siri to search through iPhone apps like notes, calendar entries, emails, or messages. You can send a command like "Siri, search notes for salad recipes" or "Find the email about Xmas holidays."
  5. Operate Alarms: Turning on or off your alarm is possible with Siri if you give commands like "Turn on (or off) alarm." You can also set a specific time for your alarm by saying "Set an alarm for 6:30pm."
  6. Play and pause music: With Siri, there is no need to start looking up through your music library for playlists or specific tracks. All that is needed to fetch out any playlist or track is a simple instruction such as "Play Adele," or "Play Lady Gaga," or "Play Beyonce." You can also ask Siri to pause or stop the music.
  7. Set Reminder: Siri reminders can be activated by time and location. You can give Siri instructions like "Remind me to continue my assignment by 5pm," or "Remind me to check my mail when I get home."
  8. 8. Get directions: It takes only simple questions to get directions and specific locations using Siri. You can ask questions such as "Siri, how do I get to *name the address*?" "Siri, show me my current location on the map?" "Siri, show Central Park on the map."

In all, having known "How to make the most out of Siri," you can now have more fun while working on any task using Siri.

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