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iOS 9 Release Date and Features You Must Not Miss

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Tata Davis

August 19, 2015 (Updated: March 23, 2016锛

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When is iOS 9 coming out? What attractive features will iOS 9 own? Recently, such questions are received continuous attention from people all over the world! In our iOS 9 release date and new features roundup article, we gather together all the information you need to know about iOS 9.

iOS 9 Release Date 鈥 When Is iOS 9 Coming Out?

When will the final version of iOS 9 come out? Most likely in autumn of this year!

iOS 9 will launch in autumn this year, perhaps in September, but Apple until now, does not specify the date because they don鈥檛 want to reveal the date of the launch of the next iPhone, likely called iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, And it is said iOS 9 will launch to the public alongside the next generation of iPhones in September 2015. Maybe it is the same day or just several days later.

iOS 9 Features 鈥 What Are iOS 9 New Features On Earth?

With the iOS development and improvement, people now pay much attention on what will iOS 9 bring. And Apple also did their utmost to fulfill user鈥檚 expectations. The new strong and attractive features make all of us can鈥檛 waiting for iOS 9 coming out!

  • Proactive Personal Assistant

It is reported that Apple Inc has been quietly working on a new software initiative called 鈥淧roactive鈥 to make significant changes on Siri and the search features in iOS 9. Proactive suggestions are system wide and will work in myriad ways, offering up apps and recommendations at appropriate times.

  • News App

It is also unveiled that an all-new News app delivering the best news reading experience on iOS device which will be available with iOS 9 this fall for iPhone and iPad. The News app appears to be able to learn about your interests: it will show you articles from sources you didn't select if they match your interests, and there's an Explore feature that shows you new channels that the app thinks you might like, plus more topics. News is powered by the new custom-designed Apple News Format鈩, a digital publishing format that allows publishers to create beautiful layouts.

  • Multitasking

The Holy Grail of iOS features should belong to Multitasking, although it is only for the iPad. Multitasking owns the capabilities include a Slide over app sidebar, a side-by-side Split View, and Picture in Picture with videos floating on top of another app.

  • Updated Maps App

Finally, Apple Maps is going to be improved satisfactorily. It routes for buses, trains, subways and, even ferries are part of Apple Maps.

  • Updated Notes App

Apple announced that a new version of its Notes application will be coming with iOS 9, allowing users to sketch ideas, insert pictures, include links to external apps, along with text formatting features for creating headers and other common formats, and more.

  • Low-power Mode and Improved Battery Life

One of the new features in iOS 9: Apple's upcoming operating system update, which does a great deal to automatically improve efficiency and extend battery life. Users are allowed to manually enable iOS 9's new "Low Power Mode" at any point to maximize their iPhone's working time.

  • iCloud Drive App

iOS 9 has an alternative iCloud Drive app that lets you view files stored on the service. You can check the setting at聽Settings - iCloud - iCloud Drive. Then you will find the iCloud Drive application shows on home screen after activating it.

  • HomeKit

With HomeKit-compatible accessories, iOS 9 will be able to monitor and control connected-home appliances and sensors.

In addition, it is capable of defining IFTTT-style event chains with new Event Triggers, which means you can combine elements to trigger scenes (activation or de-activation of a number of HomeKit accessories) in response to various different user activities.

  • HealthKit

One more considerate feature that Apple develops is the new Reproductive Health section 鈥 mainly focusing on women鈥檚 health. It not merely tracks period, but also insights into a woman鈥檚 overall health as below:

  1. Basal Body Temperature
  2. Cervical Mucus Quality
  3. Menstruation
  4. Ovulation Test Result
  5. Sexual Activity
  6. Spotting
  • Apple Pay (in the UK)

Last but (at least for the people in the UK) not least, Apple Pay has been touted as a success in the US, and now the iPhone-backed mobile payment platform has made its way to the UK.

Those are the wonderful features that iOS 9 owns. Are they attractive? Like most of you,聽iMyfone聽is also eager to feel the charming of the upcoming iOS 9 and can鈥檛 waiting for experiencing the difference that iOS 9 will bring to us.

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