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iPhone 6c Rumors: Will It Be New Trend for Consumers

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Tata Davis

December 9, 2015 (Updated: March 23, 2016锛

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Currently, rumors about iPhone 6c, if we could call it like this, arise sharply, all kinds of sounds can be heard. And People have more and more doubts: Will there be an iPhone 6c exactly? How does it look like? And how is its feature and configuration? When will Apple release it? Here we reveal the mystery of the legendary iPhone 6c which is in hot debate.

How is the appearance of iPhone 6c

It is said that iPhone 6c will be one 4-inch smartphone looks pretty similar with iPhone 5s. They鈥檙e both with 4-inch screen and metal case. Yes, instead of iPhone 5c鈥檚 plastic case, the new iPhone 6c will shift to the metal case like iPhone 5s. Besides, the design of iPhone 6c has some visual features which are same with iPhone 6s. for example, it has the 2.5D curved glass screen like iPhone 6s, instead of the 2D glass screen of iPhone 5s. As for iPhone 6c colors, it rumored that Apple will offer 2-3 colors for it at least. Here we reminder that iPhone 5c has 5 colors: green, blue, yellow, pink and white. It is of high probability that iPhone 6c will be same in colors with iPhone 5c. That鈥檚 why Apple call it 鈥渃olorful鈥.

The configuration of New iPhone 6c

According to rumors, the new iPhone 6c will have many-sided promotion. It will support the A9 processor聽and NFC for Apple Pay contactless payments. Currently, the products of iPhone 6 series are using the A8 processor. And the front-facing camera of iPhone 6c is Facetime HD camera, meanwhile the back-facing camera is with 8 megapixels. iPhone 6c will support Bluetooth 4.1. However, unlike the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6c won鈥檛 support Apple's 3D Touch.

Will you accept iPhone 6c price

iPhone 6c price will be the focus of concern. In consideration of iPhone 6c will have a metal build, consumers might ask will it be priced higher than iPhone 5c who has a plastic build. According to Apple analyst, the expected retail price will be in range of US$400 - 500, which is the low-price choice for consumers. Actually, about the question that iPhone 6c price is high or low, that鈥檚 depending on one's point of view.

The release time of iPhone 6c

The rumors about iPhone 6c's release time are in different versions. In the very beginning, the iPhone 6c was rumored to release alongside iPhone 6 in last year, which has been proved wrong. Another rumor is that the new iPhone 6c will launch before Christmas this year, which is not accepted by insiders. And the most rumors about the release data are pointing towards that iPhone 6c will potentially launch in the first quarter of next year. And it also rumored that Apple will launch the second-generation Apple Watch alongside the new iPhone 6c.

The positive and negative opinions

There are different opinions about the iPhone 6c which is still not available. Some people think the 4-inch smartphone is still popular according to the Survey results: 20% of smartphone users are inclined to the size of 4-inch screen. And iPhone 6c is a cheaper alternative for consumers who want the iPhone experience, but wouldn鈥檛 like to spend too much money on one phone.

However, quite a few analysts deem iPhone 6c won鈥檛 be popular as the flagship - iPhone 5s, and it won鈥檛 bring prodigious sales growth for Apple. First, insiders think that the smaller screen iPhone is not so needful for consumers. people are not so resistible to the 4.7-inch iPhone. They prefer the 4-inch iPhone for they still use it. But if they shift to the 4.7-inch iPhone, they will find it is not so big and inconvenient as they thought. Speaking with data, 58% of respondents indicate they favor the 4.7-inch iPhone more.

The diversity of colors is an important selling point of iPhone 6c. However, insiders think consumers don't care the colors actually. This point is of no practical significance聽for users because lots of them use phone cases.

As for price, analysts think the price difference between iPhone 6s and 6c won鈥檛 be so attractive for consumers. Because the standard of Apple is too high, it is impossible for Apple to drop iPhone 6c鈥檚 price by a wide margin. By the way, the initial price of iPhone 5c is 549 US dollars.

However, all these rumors and guesswork are from the top apple analysts. For common users, we are not sure whether there will be a exciting new Apple product, or just some sensationalization. The 2016 is close at hand, let us look forward to the new year and the new iPhone 6c.

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