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High-End iPhone 7 Plus May Be Named As iPhone Pro

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Tata Davis

March 3, 2016 (Updated: July 1, 2020)• Filed to: Tech News

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iPhone Pro

MWC 2016 just concluded several days ago, but the big events of the scientific and technological circles won’t end. Even it still has several months before the release of iPhone 7, there are various rumors about the new iPhone. And the latest one is that there will be one “iPhone Pro” version.

According to the rumors, the new iPhone 7 will have more than one versions, including two versions of iPhone 7 Plus. And iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras will be named as iPhone Pro.

Pro, which means the professional device with more advanced configures and powerful functions, is not the first time being used for the name of Apple products. We already had iPad Pro in 2015, so it is not strange that Apple will name one of new iPhone versions as the Pro version.

And the rumor does make sense if Apple will launch two versions of the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. If Apple wants to make an obvious distinction between different versions of iPhone 7, to name the dual camera version with “Pro” is a good choice. And last year, Apple purchased LinX, whose technology proved that dual cameras can photograph pictures with higher resolution on small-size devices. And this makes the rumor more believable.

iPhone-7 dual camera

If the rumor will be true, it seems that Apple determines to name some of their products without the customary number, such as 4/5/6. Besides the iPhone Pro, the coming 4-inch iPhone is rumored to be named as iPhone SE instead of iPhone 5SE.

Product diversification is an overwhelming trend for Apple. Badly in need of expending its product line, it is possible that we might see the iPhone Pro on this September. And of course, iPhone Pro price will be professionally expensive, which is as expected.

However, we could hear some different voices about the name of “iPhone Pro”. Some users say that to name the new iPhone with number, such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is easier to remember, and sounds more succinct. Anyway, we just hope the performance of Pro version iPhone 7 will match its special name.

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