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macOS Sierra: Apple’s New Desktop OS with Siri Built-in

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Aaron Donald

June 17, 2016 (Updated: July 31, 2020锛

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macos siri

Apple made a landmark amendment in its traditional 15 years old desktop version when they announced the details about the latest upcoming version. Formerly known as OS X, the desktop version of Apple has now been renamed to macOS with聽the codename Sierra. This announcement was made by the CEO of the company in San Francisco Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The company has decided to ditch the old name founded by Steve Jobs and make it more modernized.

Furthermore, quite a lot of changes are to be expected and experience in the latest version of macOS. This includes the drag and drop ease between devices, tabs, optimized storage, Universal Clipboard and a better safe and secure Apple pay system for online shopping. In my opinion,聽the best of them all is the Siri built-in integration which is sure to be the most assistive and well-awaited update.

Siri and Cortana

Siri was available for iPhone since a couple of years and has made a lot of progress in terms of helping with the tasks. But its absence for the desktop users was a major drawback and a glaring omission and Apple was being heavily criticized by the experts for lagging behind when Microsoft had already launched Cortana for Windows users.

Windows users are currently enjoying the help of Cortana with their multitasking and it is a voice tech running perfectly on Windows 10 since last year. Thus it was heavily expected from Apple to release a Siri built-in version this time. Thankfully they have not disappointed us.

macOS Sierra siri

So how exactly will Siri be helpful to you and how can you make most of this assistant on your desktop?

What can Siri do for us on Mac?

Siri for desktop has new capabailties which are specifically designed for macOS making it smarter and secure. macOS has a seamless workflow that increases your functionality with multiple devices at hand. With the help of Siri you can now leave the little tasks to your assistant without interrupting your own work.

Siri can do great thing for your macOS and she is simply a click away. If you are busy working and want to eat out with your friends later, why leave your work and search for reservations when you have Siri at your service? Ask her to search for available reservations in your locality and Voila!聽You can now finish up your work in peace and ask Siri to send messages for you instead. Simply carry on finishing your document and let Siri know what message you want to send and to whom.

Siri can also help you locate your files on the desktop. Instead of amnually searching for the myourself and spending minutes going through innumerable folders, simply state the name of file or the recent files to Siri and they will be shown to you. You can use searches like 鈥淒ocuments I opened this week鈥 or the documents that a specific person sent you.

macOS built in Siri

You can also pin your favorite Siri results on the Notification Centre and keep them there for future references. These can include Twitter feeds or the reports on your big project, your sports schedules or the places where your favorite band is playing soon. This way you will always have knowledge about the on-goings without taking out enough time to search for them all over again.

With Siri, you can now search for images and information easily on internet by stating what you are looking for and simply drag and drop what you like from the results to the document. It is that simple working with Siri!聽You can also take help from Siri in making changes or adjusting the settings of your desktop like inquiring about the free storage, deleting documents, changing wallpapers etc.

Besides this, Siri can do just about anything like playing the top 10 jazz tunes, find a particularly difficult spelling for you, call someone for you, show you all your PDF files or convert the currency for you. If there is something else you require, simply say it to the expert Siri.

Looking forward to Siri's performance

Reviews have established that Siri does lag at some places as compared to Cortana, and cannot understand certain rich accents and thus you will have the occasional 鈥淪orry, I didn鈥檛 catch that鈥 phrase popping up in response.

Nevertheless, Siri integration is truly a splendid addition in macOS and this feature will definitely make multitasking easier and smoother. With the help of Siri, your day to day tasks will be significantly decreased and you can always count on your virtual assistant to get you through the day鈥檚 work.

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