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New Feature of macOS Sierra: Auto-Unlock Your Mac

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Aaron Donald

June 18, 2016 (Updated: August 3, 2020锛

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Do you know that Apple's new Mac operating system now called macOS Sierra added some new features to what we use to have in OS X? New features like Siri, Auto-Unlock, Optimized Storage, Apple Pay, Picture-in-Picture and Universal Clipboard have found their use in Mac operating system. There are quite a number of upgrade to features like iCloud Drive, Maps, Tabs and iTunes. To throw more light on the new features we have:

  • Siri: Finding things on Apple's Mac OS X laptops have been easy using Finder and Spotlight. However, Siri will be much more enhanced with better features, which cannot only search for files but would serve a digital virtual assistant to Mac users.
  • Auto-Unlock: Unlocking your Mac computer can never get easier than Auto-Unlock. By simple getting close to your Mac while wearing your Apple Watch, you will automatically unlock your Computer.
  • Universal Clipboard: Sharing copied contents among iDevices becomes an easy fit with all-new Universal Clipboard.
  • Picture-in-Picture: Keeping an eye on a movie that you are watching while doing other things like typing simultaneously on your Mac's desktop has been made possible with Picture-in-Picture.
  • Apple Pay: This is a new way to pay on the web while shopping on your Mac's Safari. Users can authenticate payments
  • Optimized Storage: Freeing up memory spaces on your Mac Laptop is now automatic. Optimized Storage would do that with easy by spotting useless and needless files and deleting them, and by backing up useful files to the iCloud and leaving them accessible on-demand.

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Auto-Unlock with Apple Watch have made live easier for people who are tired of always typing their password in order to gain access to their Mac. It is a feature that people who have Apple Watch will enjoy the most. Because for apple watch owners, you do not need to type your password to gain access to your Mac computer, all you need do is just to walk into the Mac laptop vicinity and access is guaranteed.

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Whenever you are wearing your Apple Watch, it authenticates the identity of your person and enables you access your Mac as long as you have not taken it off. When you enter within the Bluetooth proximity of your Mac while wearing your Apple Watch, your computer unlocks automatically and displays a notification showing that your Mac has been unlocked. You can dismiss this notification by clicking the dismiss button. If your watch is not authenticated to your Mac, your Mac won't unlock.

Most users who are anticipating the release of macOS Sierra are already saying that the Auto-Unlock feature is so cool and a dream come through for them. Here are the reasons why they say so:

Advantages of Auto-Unlock with Apple Watch

  • It is Simple and Natural: This seems to many users the very best feature that is coming with Sierra this fall. With Auto-Unlock, you only need to walk into the vicinity of your Mac laptop to gain access. It is also natural in the sense that you do not need to have this feeling of unlocking your security protocols before working with your Mac laptop. Just walk into the room and continue whatever you are doing.
  • It is fast: Time conscious individuals would appreciate this feature the most. The fact that it takes time to type password, scan your eye or fingerprints is actually a problem to most people. Apple has made life easy for Sierra users who need to utilize their limited time especially when in a rush.
  • It is sufficient: This feature gets the best result with respect to unlocking your Mac laptop. Most Mac users have been clamoring for better ways of unlocking their Mac laptop until Apple brought this feature. It does not require much; only your Apple Watch.
  • It is perfect security wise: Bluetooth LE frameworks are the frontiers in the security industry. With this technology, no one can gain access to your Mac computer without using your own personal Apple watch. Therefore, it is very difficult for anyone to hack or access your Mac without your permission and presence.

Therefore, if you have a MacBook, MacPro or MacMini that is later than 2009, then you should be preparing to download macOS Sierra and enjoy these exciting features that your make life and communication easier.

Apple has given you another reason to purchase an Apple Watch if you are not having one yet. However, before you go looking for an Apple Watch, let us compare Auto-Unlock with other ways of Unlocking your Mac.

You may be asking, "Is Auto-Unlock really an amazing feature or just another way Apple wants to use and market their Apple Watch?" The answer to the above question is YES! Because from what we have we discoursed above, it is evident that Auto-Unlock will be very useful to Mac users who are not comfortable anymore with typing password. However, the down side of this feature comes in when you are around the vicinity of your device but do not intend to use it, a friend may gain access to your Mac computer without you being aware.

In general, having seen the good and down sides of Auto-Unlock, we can unanimously agree that this feature is worth buying an Apple Watch for, and you will always appreciate the simplicity, convenience, and security of Mac Sierra's Auto-Unlock.

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