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6 Features You Should Know About The New MacOS High Sierra

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Gabriel Hammond

June 30, 2017 (Updated: June 30, 2017锛

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The newest MacOS operating system, MacOS 10.13 High Sierra builds on the features introduced with Sierra and introduces so much more. Also, announced at WWDC 2017 alongside iOS 11, MacOS High Sierra is designed to improve how your Mac operates while incorporating technologies that allow for future improvements.

The new MacOS High Sierra comes with numerous new features. The following are 6 of the most impactful.

Feature 1: The Apple File System (APFS)

The new operating system adopts the Apple File System (APFS) that was first introduced with Sierra and makes it better. APFS is entirely revamped and modernized for solid state storage.

It also features native encryption, protects the data on your Mac from system crashes and even speeds up operations. APFS is compatible with formatted HFS drives and is designed to be receptive to future advances

Feature 2: HEVC 鈥 The New Standard for Video

The new MacOS High Sierra makes higher quality video streaming and playback of 4K video files by supporting HEVC (H.265). these HEVC videos are also up to 40% smaller in size than the current H.264 video formats. HEVC support will also make it faster and more power efficient encoding and editing of 4k videos.

The New Standard for Video

Feature 3: Metal 2 - A Graphics Game Changer

It鈥檚 not just videos that are going to get better with the new MacOS High Sierra, graphics will too. Metal 2 signals the next generation in graphics as it comes with new API designed to enable new graphics capabilities. Metal 2 will also support speech recognition, natural language processing as well as computer vision capabilities. With Metal 2, you will also get support for external GPUs and Apple is, in fact, offering Extended Graphic Developer Kit that offers hardware and software for developers to optimize their apps for more powerful GPUs.

A Graphics Game Changer

Feature 4: Virtual Reality for Mac

High Sierra also comes with the capability to support Virtual reality devices and Virtual Reality software. This capability allows developers to create immersive games, 3D and VR experiences on the Mac. the SteamVR platform is optimized by Valve to support HTC Vie headset. Unity and Epic are bringing VR development tools to the Mac and even more improvements are expected in the near future.

Virtual Reality for Mac

Feature 5: Photo Changes in High Sierra

Just as is with videos, High Sierra brings new options with Photos. The ability to organize photos easily as well as numerous new ways to organize the photos on your Mac. You also get new ways to edit and share photos. A new redesigned edit view includes powerful tools like Curves for fine tuning contrast and color as we all Selective Color to allow for adjustments within a defined range of color. Live Photos can also now be edited, allowing users to add fun effects. The Photos app in High Sierra is also designed to support external editors like Photoshop and others to further enhance the range of possibility when it comes to editing photos.

Photo Changes in High Sierra

Feature 6: Safari

Safari on the MacOS High Sierra is now even more improved. For instance, Safari will block autoplay content from playing and even comes with a new Intelligent Tracking Prevention option that will prevent tracking data that advertisers use to follow your web activity. Safari also opens articles in a clean format that users will find very appealing.

Say goodbye to videos that autoplay

It is expected that Apple will announce the beta for MacOS High Sierra in late June and we expect to learn more about it then. But if the above is just a preview, we expect MacOS High Sierra to deliver a revolutionary experience for all who use it.

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