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iOS 11 and iOS 10: Worlds Apart?

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Tata Davis

June 14, 2016 (Updated: July 31, 2020锛

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So Apple reeled out the features that will come with the new iOS 10 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California. In what, Apple CEO, Tim Cook calls the biggest iteration to the popular brand鈥檚 iPhone operating software.

In a few months, the update will be coming to all devices via iTunes and the settings app at the same time. So what makes the iOS 11 different from the current iteration iOS 10.3.2? Well, we have made a roundup of the differences between the iOS 10.3.2, and the newly doled out features of the coming iOS 11.

ios 11

Difference between iOS 10 and iOS 11


Perhaps one of the biggest announcements of the night was that Siri was now opened to third party apps and developers. This means the things you can do with Siri has grown exponentially.

In iOS 10, Siri predicted contacts and apps per time based on location and offered intelligible responses to queries. But with iOS 11 that has been extended. You can connect with other applications by requesting Siri do things on the apps. You can tell Siri to send a particular message to someone on Whatsapp, WeChat and Twitter after a particular time.


On iOS 10, when you are not logged into an app, any calls are received as notification only. In iOS 11 however, users can interact with apps from the home screen.

In essence, Apple has opened the core calling API to other applications and at such; you receive a Whatsapp or Skype call like a normal mobile phone call. This will make the user experience more fluid and intuitive. iOS 11 also comes with voicemail transcription 鈥 a text format of a received message.


iOS 11 is bringing with it bigger emojis, emoji prediction, handwriting 鈥 Scribbles 鈥 efficient access to the camera and other interface enhancing features that goes beyond the current minimalist and simple looking bubble chat of iOS 10.

ios 10


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With Google Maps dominance in the map solutions offering, iOS 11 has some features to try and close the gap. iOS 10 didn鈥檛 come with any major feature upgrade but the reverse is the case for iOS 11. The Map application in iOS 11 has a fresh look and sleeker features. It uses time and location to suggest places and routes it feels you need to know. Map also has live traffic, a zooming view, and easy-to-follow directions. Maps in iOS 11 will also be able to scan your Calendar app for the places you鈥檙e meant to go.


There鈥檒l definitely be huge differences in the two iOSes when the Photos app is concerned. First off, in iOS 11, there鈥檒l be facial recognition and object recognition, which means your photos, can recognize faces, animals and objects too. Tim Cook speaking says the artificial intelligence processing to make this happen is done locally 鈥 on the phone, and that there鈥檚 no need of transferring data to the clouds and risk a breach of your privacy.

Additionally, the photos app can search the photo library using different words like 鈥渇ire鈥, 鈥渨ater鈥 etc. There鈥檚 also a new 鈥淢emories鈥 tab which will collate pictures taken in the same place, and with the same people, giving a new dimension to going down memory lane.

ios 10

Apple Music

Apple music now sports a new user interface that replaces the old interface that had users complaining of difficulty while using. Seems Apple has listened. Also, you can now sing along to your favorite tunes as the new update brings with it a lyrics window, where you can see the wordings of a song and sign along.

Old features such as 鈥淩ecently Added鈥 and 鈥淩ecently Played sections鈥 have made a comeback from the dead. What were they thinking before to have removed it? This makes the iOS 11 better for music enthusiasts than the iOS 10.

Apple News

The biggest update here is a new feature that should have always been there 鈥 a subscription service. With this, users can read all news media within the App itself. You can also get notifications on your lock screen for breaking news, current updates of past events, and other events. It is an overhaul to what is presently available in iOS 11.

ios 10

Home now has its own app

Another new feature to the iOS 11 that different from the iOS 10 iteration is the addition of the stand-alone 鈥淗ome鈥 app. It will aid user automation 鈥 control things with one click of a button, rather than opening different apps to achieve the same purpose. Although it comes with more apps, some of these apps can be deleted, which is not obtainable with the iOS 10 software.

ios 10


iOS 10 came to devices from 4S and above for iPhones, iPad 2 up for iPads, all iPad minis and the 5th generation iPod touch. But the iOS 11 only supports from iPhone 5s up, iPad 4 and up and 6th generation of iPod touch.

All the above is according to Apple鈥檚 statement, but guess we will have to wait if iOS 11 truly lives up to expectation.

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