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OS X 10.12 Release Date, News and Rumors

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Aaron Donald

June 13, 2016 (Updated: July 31, 2020锛

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OS X 10.12 can be considered as the next major update to be released in the Apple OS X Operating System. People will be able to see it during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled to be held on the month of June. Official information about OS X 10.12 has not yet been released and they will be announced only at the WWDC. However, leaked information have created a lot of rumors about it can it can be seen on the Internet.

WWDC os x

Above: At Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Release Date

The announcement date of OS X 10.12 is fixed and it would take place at the Worldwide Developers Conference. All measures have been taken in order to organize this conference and all the updates will be bundled to the new operating system along with the release.聽The WWDC will kick off Monday, 13th June聽at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. However, the new system聽will be released to the public during September.

News and Rumors

OS X 10.12 Name

The developers of Apple have not yet announced an official name for the OS X 10.12. However, rumors say that it will be released along with the code name 鈥淔uji鈥. Many people believe that this brand name would not fit into the California theme at all.聽A lot of people also say that the name of OS X 10.12 will be changed to Mac OS along with this update.


OS X 10.12 features have received a lot of attention among people who live in every corner of the world. Siri Integration holds a prominent place out of them. Siri was available on all iOS devices, which were released after 2011. However, Apple did not introduce Siri to Mac computers. This would change this time, along with the introduction of their latest operating system. That鈥檚 because Apple has considered adding Siri to their operating system and caters the requirements of people who are in need.

According to the rumors, you will be able to access Siri through an icon that is located on the menu bar. You will also be provided with the ability to specify a shortcut in order to access it. In addition, the hands-free voice command, 鈥淗ey Siri鈥 would also work in it. You can experience the same functionality of Siri in iPhone through this OS X update. In other words, you will be able to use it an open apps, conduct searches, play music via iTunes, answer simple queries and tweak system settings.

iTunes update

You will be able to get an updated version of iTunes through OS X 10.12. Apple has redesigned the entire interface of it to deliver a better user experience. However, we cannot guarantee whether this iTunes update will be bundled to the OS X 10.12 update or not.

Auto unlock function

Apple is also working on an auto unlock function and it is expected to be introduced to OS X 10.12. This function would assist you to unlock your iPhone, when it is in close proximity to the Mac. This mechanism is password protected and you don鈥檛 need to worry about any security concerns. This auto unlocking function is based on Bluetooth technology. This would be similar to the auto unlocking function, which you can see on the Apple watch.

Touch ID

Apple would introduce touch ID to Mac computers along with OS X 10.12. This will assist the users to log into their computers in a secure way through fingerprint. This can assist them to save a lot of time in the long run while ensuring the security. The touch ID feature would be compatible with the auto unlocking function and it will make the life easy for Mac users.

More features聽and rumors

Along with the OS X 10.12 release, you will be able to use your Apple iWatch along with Mac computer and you will not have to use the iPhone to create a connection in between them. Moreover, Apple pay functionality will be introduced to the web browsers as well. Therefore, users will be able to go on shopping and purchase whatever they want through Safari in a convenient manner. The payment can be confirmed through the touch ID, so there won鈥檛 be any fraud attempts. A lot of improvements in the Photos app would come along with the new OS X 10.12 release as well.

Apple has introduced Night Shift across iOS devices聽since iOS 9.3 released. It makes complete sense for the company to make this a standard feature on future Macs聽to protect user鈥檚 eyes.

As you can see, plenty of things are available for you to expect from the latest OS X 10.12 update. We are still in the early stage to make any predictions. At the moment, OS X 10.12 is in the testing process and a variety of test phases are being conducted to make it bug free. Therefore, Mac users will get the opportunity to get hold of a brand new and impressive operating system in the near future.聽Good news is coming!

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