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What you should know about the iPhone SE

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Tata Davis

May 30, 2016 (Updated: July 31, 2020锛

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Apple has continued to woo users with new phone designs and specifications. This time around, they have released an iPhone with a small screen that is in no way a compromise, when compared to the iPhone 5c.

The device looks cheap starting at $399 in Apples standard even though it feels and looks like the iPhone 5s and most components used in the design comes from the 6s, there is actually much more to it. However, this article will try to help you make sense of the iPhone SE especially if you are thinking of buying a new iPhone device.

iphone se

It is a Powerful 4-Inch Phone Indeed

Yes, so many other brands have tried without actually making the needed impact and this is why compact phones seems like it has been neglected for the past 2 years. But this time around, Apple got it spot on.

The iPhone SE is not a compromise having got some components from its flagship phone which is the iPhone 6s. It comes with a 2 GB Ram, A9 processor, a worthwhile 12MP camera, Apple pay, Live photos, 4K video and so much more. In fact, this phone can be considered a powerhouse due to the combination of the 2 GB Ram, GPU and processor. In fact, it is the most powerful 4-Inch phone out there.

Iphone SE is Modern in all Ramifications

The iPhone SE boasts of almost everything the iPhone 6s are loved for. The most important thing is the new features the users get to help them enjoy their iPhone experience. Here, you have the 鈥淗ey Siri鈥 functionality, the wonderful Apple pay and the M9 motion co-processor which does a good job recording your background activities. All these make the iPhone SE a powerful modern phone that covers very wide features.

Apple maintains its Storage Capacity

There is actually no change in the storage capacity. The iPhone SE still comes with the 16 GB capacity. However, this makes sense for the price you are getting this device. Remember the phone starts at $399 so it is indeed a good deal if you take into consideration of other wonderful features. But note that there is an additional option of 64 GB for just an addition of $100 but that is how far it can go.

Improved battery Life when compared to the 5s

Do you want to upgrade from the 5s and below. This is good news. The battery life of the SE improved better than the 5s. At least on paper, it is said to have 50% more battery life when compared to the 5s. It is important to understand that battery life is one feature that can make or mar phones and not taken lightly by users. Therefore, a 50% more life seems to be a good deal. In fact, it is being said that the battery life is on par with the 6s and many believe it could even get better after some stress tests.

Wi-Fi and LTE are Faster

You can download your favorite games, browse the web and stream videos with speed faster than that of the 5s making a better device for roaming. The device also supports Wi-Fi calling and with the Bluetooth technology, connections to other devices and external speakers is easy.

iphone se

Everything in the iPhone SE points out to the fact that it is surely a good device irrespective of the poor front facing camera and the 16 GB starting storage. But note that you can always clean and manage the iPhone SE storage capacity with the world鈥檚 number 1 iPhone cleaner which is iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner . With this software, you are surely going to enjoy your device.

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