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Why an iPhone and Car Mount is Better than In-Car Infotainment System

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Tata Davis

December 29, 2016 (Updated: December 29, 2016锛

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As car manufacturers keep developing high end cars so also have the in-car entertainment evolved. It used to be radio but now, we now have satellite navigation systems, dual mode screens and a whole lot of features which makes life easier for the car occupants. However, despite all these systems, most people find it unintuitive, slow and rarely updated and no match for the computer you carry in your pockets. That computer is nothing else than your iPhone.

It is important to note that your iPhone can do some little things you car won鈥檛 do and it matters a lot. For example, it knows that kind of music you like to hear, it is always with you as it learns about your likely destination. Even though they may look negligible but it matters and it with the help of a car mount, you can turn even an old car to a much more modern smart ride. The following are the favorite iPhone features you can use in the car.

car and dog

Hey Siri

Starting from iOS 9, iPhone came with the capability of listening out of the command Hey 鈥淪iri鈥. When in the house, it is possible to ask some questions like when to set an alarm or how long a time it will take to cook a meal. That means if you have an iphone mounted in your car, you can replicate the questions but this time you will be asking to find a restaurant in your destination before your arrival or even telling it to play some songs you love etc.


While in-car navigation systems are good, it could be a nightmare sometimes. For example, you could be stuck with one which came in-built to your car and has never been updated to reflect the current map or a dedicated GPS unit which is highly problematic when it comes to installation. It is important to note that having an in-car iPhone mount can save you from a lot of headaches as regards to navigation by using the GPS you have always loved and that is your iPhone. With this, you will always have the latest maps and things like traffic updates. These are things that your in-car navigation system will not be able to offer you. Besides, your dock support charging and this means that your iPhone battery will not even drain out as you go about moving from one location to the other.

Music Unlimited

There were times when the only source of getting music in your car was filling all the available car compartments with CD鈥檚 of all kinds of music. However, things have changed because with an iPhone supported by a mount in your car, you can stream as much music as you want. The interesting thing is that most cars especially the ones manufactured in the last decade are equipped with Bluetooth technology connectivity. Others may have a 3.5mm connection in such a way that makes your iPhone connection very easy. The advantage is that using an in-car iphone mount, the stress of having to play different music of your choice is eliminated because the album art, both information and control would be at your fingertips, therefore the only thing you need to do is to choose between apple Music, Google Play Music or Spotify in order to get going.

At the end of the day, it would really make sense to try something different in terms of car entertainment and with an iPhone mount and your iPhone; you may soon find out that your in-car entertainment system is no longer necessary.

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