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With Optimized Storage, macOS Sierra Will Make Room Easily

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Aaron Donald

June 17, 2016 (Updated: July 31, 2020锛

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macOS sierra

Apple unveiled the all-new Mac operating system, which was nicknamed macOS Sierra (which means "range of mountains" in Spanish) on Monday. Do you know that the electronic giant corporation used this opportunity to announce that its 16-year-old desktop operating system will no longer be called OS X but macOS? This was in accordance to its naming protocols just like iOS 11, tvOS, watchOS, etc (i.e. inserting the name of the device for which the operating system was designed). macOS Sierra will be marking its debut into the electronic market this fall. It is expected to be ushering in many upgraded and new features that will aid easy communication between iOS 11 devices.

People Album, Apple Pay, Auto Unlock, iTunes, Messages, Universal Clipboard, iCloud Drive, Tabs, Optimized Storage, Picture in Picture, Siri, are all among the improved features that is expected to come with macOS Sierra this fall. The following are little explanations on the relevance of these features:

  • Siri will be very handy as a digital virtual assistant. It will be smart enough to get directions, select a playlist or carryout an advanced search on the web.
  • Auto Unlock is an easy way of unlocking your macOS Sierra using NFC authentication on your Apple Watch.
  • Universal Clipboard will make it easy for you to copy contents on the web and share it with your other devices.
  • Apple Pay would serve as a secures, efficient and a convenient means of making online payments from your macOS Sierra using iPhone Touch ID or Apple Watch to authenticate payment.
  • Picture-in-Picture brings new experience while watching movie on your macOS Sierra.
  • Maps will enable real-time traffic news, road maps and a possible way to book a restaurant or Uber.
  • iCloud Drive makes your document and file folders accessible on all your iDevices.

Optimized storage is one of the features of the all-new macOS Sierra. It brings a new level of experience to the macOS user, in that it creates more memory space on your Mac computer by backing up files, pictures, videos, documents and software that are not regularly in use to iCloud and deleting such files off your Mac computer. If your Mac computer storage space is maxed out, you do not need to worry, because macOS Sierra will make room for storage space easily.

Apple classified two groups of files, which can either be stored or deleted. The first group of files which are usually backed up include old mail attachments, old PNGs and JPEGs, old word processing documents, and other files as can be seen from the image directly below this paragraph.

macOS optimized storage

Apple executives also mentioned that old files that can be found and removed without backing them up on the iCloud include archived Safari Reading List, persistent logs,聽event logs, cached Map tiles, fault and error logs, iTunes inactive downloads and other files as can be seen in the image below this paragraph.

macOS Sierra optimized storage

macOS Sierra's Optimized Storage comes with several new advantages when compared to the previous versions of Mac OS X. We shall be discussing some of these advantages in the following paragraphs.

  • Automatic cleaning of duplicate and obsolete files is one of the advantages of Optimized Storage on the macOS Sierra. macOS Sierra will automatically help you to delete files that have been in the trash for more than 30 days, it will also help you to delete duplicate downloads, caches, logs, junk files and other unnecessary files.
  • Uploading rarely used files to the iCloud and deleting them is another way optimized storage benefits macOS users. This would help to make room for more storage space on your Mac computer by moving those files from Mac to iCloud and retrieving them easily on demand.
  • Optimized storage would also enable your safari browser to function well after deleting browser caches, duplicated and uncompleted downloads, cookies and app logs from your Mac computer.

From the demo of Monday's announcement, a computer that has only 20GB left in its storage space was optimized. The resultant effect of this optimization led to an increase in available memory space from the original 20GB to 150GB free memory. This analysis will give you a clear view of what macOS Sierra's optimized storage can achieve. This also brings to light the need for Optimized Storage on macOS devices.

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