How to Remove iTunes Duplicate Songs Effectively and Easily

iTunes is the one of the most brilliant music manager or player since it is popularly used by millions of people. But nothing can be perfect. One problem about iTunes is that it keeps duplicated audio files, which are quite annoying. You may listen to the same songs repeatedly; and these duplicates usually take up much space on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

When discovering duplicates in iTunes library, people like me with obsessive-compulsive disorder could be driven crazy. So, how to delete iTunes duplicates effectively? I have done a lot of research and test to find the best solutions. Here, I would like to share two workable methods to delete duplicates in iTunes: keep your iTunes library fresh and clean by deleting iTunes duplicate songs manually and iTunes duplicate remover tool – Tunes Rebuilder.


Method 1: Delete Duplicates in iTunes Manually

1. Launch your iTunes.

2. On the top taskbar, choose View > Show Exact Duplicate items.

delete duplicate via itunes3. Duplicate items will be sorted next to one another. Review each item to determine which one you'd like to eliminate from your library. Then right-click each duplicate that you want to remove by right clicking it and select Delete. Thus, the duplicate songs can be deleted one by one with this solution.

remove duplicate via itunes


Method 2: Remove Duplicate iTunes Songs by Tunes Rebuilder

One or two duplicates could be deleted manually by the above way! But if over 10 duplicates or even far more, then Tunes Rebuilder is your MUST, as you definitely don’t really want to delete them all by manual, which would waste you much time and make you fidgety.

Tunes Rebuilder is professionally designed as an excellent iTunes mate that allows you to delete all duplicates with only ONE CLICK.

Windows version Mac version

Step 1: Run the program and select all the music.

Step 2: Choose “Clean Up” on upper interface and click “Delete duplicate songs”.


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Nothing could be easier than clicking one button, then like magic, iTunes duplicates are removed all. This software really did a fantastic job!                                    

Rosalind Wright

2015-08-15 16:26:41

Yes, Tunes Rebuilder is just an easy-to-use program. Deleting your duplicates fast; no more listen to the same music repeatedly. Apart from quickly removing duplicate songs, there are greater functions are available for doing iTunes help as best iTunes companion.

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Windows version Mac version