How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

After being a long time Apple user, you may have gotten accustomed to managing your music collection via iTunes. But if someday, you make the switch to Android phone or tablet, how to deal with your iTunes music as there is no iTunes for Android? I believe many people get stuck with such problem and feel extremely regret to abandon all paid iTunes music if using Android.

Most of people would still fight with this problem. You may search various ways to solve it from the internet. Some are working but some are not. Maybe, finally, with very complex steps, you transferred your iTunes music to Android phones circuitously. But is there any easy  way to get it done? Yes, certainly.

Here, I am glad to share the easiest solution for your reference, and you may have a try.

Tunes Rebuilder is super easy to use software that can transfer iTunes music to android for you with only one-click.

Windows version Mac version

Step 1. Download and Connect

Download the program first and run it subsequently. Then connect your Android phone to computer to let the software detect and analyze your phone media.


Step 2. Select and Transfer

After your device being found and showed on this program, you are supposed to choose the mode of “Transfer Music from iTunes to Device”. A pop-up window will display afterwards; and in this newly interface, you are supported to choose the music playlist or the entire music to transfer. Last, click “Transfer” to make the transmission complete.



I am convinced that this should be the most correct solution for you to easily transfer music from iTunes to android phone. And you will also find that this is the very choice for you after comparing with other kinds of complex solutions.


  • Dawson

    Thank god. I finally made all my iTunes music collections to my new Sumsang Galaxy S6. Thank you so much!