[2020] Where to Get Fast Unlocker FRP Bypass APK Free Download

If your Android device is running on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or later, it has the Factory Reset Protection (FRP). This feature was introduced to protect personal data. If someone snatches your Android device, the FRP will make it impossible for him or her to erase all your data. To factory reset the device, he or she has to know the Google email ID used on your device and its password.

It is common for people to forget their Google account password when they need to factory reset their Android device. This is one of the major reasons why most people search for Fastunlocker FRP bypass APK free download online. But does Fast Unlocker truly work? Let’s find the answer here.

Google FRP Lock

Where Can You Get a Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK Free Download

The Fast Unlocker FRP bypass APK is a tool developed with an aim to help people who cannot recall or don’t know the password of the Google account registered on their device. The tool makes resetting an Android device without a password possible. Fast Unlocker FRP bypass APK makes this possible via bypassing the Factory Reset Protection and the Google account on the device in question.

Fast Unlocker FRP bypass APK works on devices running on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and above. If you have issues which keep you from resetting your Apple device, this tool will not be helpful.

Find No Where to Free Download Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK?

Android device users are used to getting their applications from the Google Play Store. However, if you happen to search for the Fast Unlocker FRP bypass APK on Play Store, you may not find it.

Besides, some website may claim that you can get the Fast Unlock FRP bypass apk and give you the link, but lots of them are just links to other site. Unfortunately, there is no right place to get the right Fastunlocker FRP bypass apk free download. But if you get one, you can also share it in the review section.

How to Perform FRP Bypass with Fastunlocker APK

For you to use the Fast Unlocker FRP bypass APK on your device, there are some things you will need. We have outlined these things below:

  • Pen Drive or USB Drive
  • PC or a Laptop
  • OTG Cable
  • A device running on Android 5.1 and above

Detailed Steps to Install Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK:

If you can find the right place to get Fastunlocker FRP bypass apk free download, you will need to follow the steps below to install the Fast Unlocker FRP bypass APK on your device:

Step 1: Using your computer to download the bypass apk.
Step 2: Plug the USB drive to the computer. Copy the apk you downloaded in step 1 above to the USB drive.
Step 3: Turn on your Android device and follow the setup. Once it see the page to verify your Google account, connect the USB drive to your Android device using the OTG cable.

Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK

Step 4: You can access the apk via file explorer from your Android device. So select the application to install.

Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK

Step 5: A warning message called “Install blocked” will come up. No worries, just click “SETTINGS” and then enable “Unknown sources” option there.

Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK

Step 6: Click “INSTALL” and wait for the installation of Fastunlocker FRP bypass apk to complete. Then click “OPEN”.

Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK

Step 7: You will be back to settings of your device. Now, factory reset your device which will also remove the previous Google account from your device.

Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK

Step 8: When your device restarts, you can continue setting up your device and create your own Google account.

Cons of Using Fast Unlocker FRP Bypass APK:

  • Although the tool claims that it can work on devices running on Android 5.1 and above, there is no guarantee it can work on the latest Android versions, including Android 9.0.
  • The tool has a lot of pre-requisites. Please note that OTG cable is different from USB cable.
  • The steps may be different on different Android device. Sometimes it’s hard to complete the installation of Fastunlocker FRP Bypass apk.

Best Program to Unlock FRP Lock Recommended

Android device users who want an FRP bypass tool that has an incredibly high success rate choose to use iMyFone LockWiper (Android). LockWiper is specifically developed to completely remove FRP lock from Samsung devices. It’s easy to use and requires nothing to prepare. All you need is a USB cable (yes, the one you use to charge your device).

lockwiper (Android)

75,000,000+ Downloads

LockWiper (Android) - Your Prior Choice to Remove FRP

  • Permanently remove any traces of FRP from Android devices without any password
  • Successfully unlock your device in respective of whether your phone has been set up or not
  • Sign in a different Google account or create a new account on your device after removal
  • Specific removal solutions are provided for each device, which guarantees high success rate
  • Win back the full control and enjoy your device without any limits

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How to Fully Unlock Android FRP Using LockWiper (Android)

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) provides free trial for customers to check the device is supported or not before purchase. So don't be hesitate to give it a trial.

Click to Download LockWiper (Android) on Your PC >>

Step 1: Download Program & Connect Device

After launching LockWiper (Android) on your computer, tap “Remove Google Lock (FRP)”. Tap Start and then use your USB cable to connect your Android device to the computer.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 2: Select Device Information

Select your device name and follow to put your device into recovery mode. Then select the PDA (which can be found on your device screen), Country and Carrier for your device. Click “Download” to get a specific data package for your device.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 3: Install Data Package

Once it finishes to download, click “Start to Extract”. When it finishes extracting, follow the onscreen instructions to put your device into Downloading mode.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Click “Start” and it will install the data package on your device.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 4: Make Some Setup to Continue

Follow the onscreen instructions to enable “USB Debugging” and “OEM unlocking” on your device.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 5: Start to Unlock

It will download the firmware package on your device. Once done, click “Start to Extract” to unpack it. When it’s done, it will automatically install the firmware package to unlock your Android device.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Wait for a few minutes for it to complete. Once done, you can set up your device without verifying the Google account.

Wrap Up:

The factory reset protection should not keep you from using your Android device fully. If you cannot recall the password for the Google account used on the device, all you will have to do is bypass the FRP. This article shows you 2 tools you can use to bypass the FRP. Among the 2 tools, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) stands out because it has a higher success rate and it is much easier to use.

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