How Many Kinds of Passcode Are There?

There are two kinds of passcode on iPad. The one is the password of your Apple ID that you use to purchase apps, movies, music, etc. on your iPad, and the other is used for locking the iPad when it鈥檚 in sleep mode. It usually contains four or six digits. If you forgot iPad passcode, it would be really troublesome.

What If You Forgot iPad Passcode?

If you forgot iPad passcode, you can solve the problem via the following ways:

1. Using iMyFone LockWiper

iMyFone LockWiper is a professional iDevice passcode removing tool that you can use to gain control of your device again in case you forgot iPad passcode. LockWiper is compatible with all iDevices and can remove screen lock of any iDevice without passcode. The software is helpful if you want to remove Face ID or Touch ID lock from your device. What LockWiper basically does is that it finds the compatible firmware of the connected iDevice and then installs it so that the passcode is removed. The entire process is automatic so you don鈥檛 have to do much. The length of the process depends on the speed of your internet connection.

lockwiper unlock iPhone passcode

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Some main features of iMyFone LockWiper are listed below:

  • Unlock any iPhone/iPad within just a few minutes.
  • LockWiper can remove the usual 4-6-digit passcode as well as the complex Face ID and Touch ID lock efficiently.
  • The software supports broken screen, locked, and disabled iPhone/iPad.
  • Fully compatible with all the latest devices including iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X.
  • The process to unlock an iDevice with LockWiper contains three simple steps and it鈥檚 not very lengthy.

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Steps to Remove iPad Passcode Via LockWiper:

Step 1: Launch LockWiper on your computer.
Step 2: Connect your iPad to your PC via compatible USB cable.

dfu mode

Step 3: Now put your iPad in DFU/Recovery Mode. To do this, choose your iPad model on the software and then follow the on-screen instructions.

download firmware

Step 4: Once your iPad is in Recovery Mode, start the firmware download via the Download button.

start to verify

Step 5: After the firmware package is successfully downloaded, verify it by clicking on the 鈥楽tart to Verify鈥 button.

unlock iphone

Step 6: After verification, click on 鈥楽tart Unlock鈥 to start the unlocking process.


Step 7: Confirm your action by entering 鈥000000鈥 and then clicking 鈥楿nlock鈥. The unlocking process will begin.

2. Using iCloud

You can resolve forgot iPad passcode issue by using iCloud. This method will only work if you know the Apple ID and password that are linked with your iPad.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Visit on a web browser and log-in using the same credentials that are linked to your iPad.
Step 2: Then click on 鈥楢ll Devices鈥 option and then select your iPad.
Step 3: Now click the Erase button.

erase iPad

Step 4: Confirm your action and then wait for the remote reset process to finish. Once it is completed, your iPad will be restarted without any lock screen.

3. Using iTunes

Similar to iCloud, you can also reset your iPad to fix forgot iPad passcode via iTunes and it will unlock your device and remove the lock screen. The process to do this is pretty straightforward.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad to your computer via USB or lightning cable.
Step 2: On iTunes, go to your iPad鈥檚 Summary page. There, you will see several options.

restore iPad

Step 3: Find and click on 鈥楻estore iPad鈥 button. Then confirm your action. The restore process will begin. Wait for it to finish and then unplug the device once the process is completed.

4. Using Recovery Mode

Using Recovery Mode of your iPad to solve forgot iPad passcode and reset the device is a relatively complex process but it is worth it, particularly when other methods aren鈥檛 working.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Turn off your iPad and put it in Recovery Mode. To do this, press the Power and Home button of your iPad and hold them until your see the Apple logo on the screen. Now release the Power button but keep holding the Home button. The Recovery Mode will open.

recovery mode

Step 2: Connect your iPad to your computer via USB cable and launch iTunes.
Step 3: Restore the iPad in iTunes by following the on-screen instructions.

The Comparison of the 4 Ways

There are 4 primary ways to solve the issue if you forgot iPad passcode.

  • The first method is iMyFone LockWiper. It is an automatic method of solving the problem as all you will need to do is put your iPad in recovery mode and follow the on-screen instructions and LockWiper will do the rest.
  • Using iCloud is also an effective method but it will only work if you know the Apple ID and password linked with your iPad.
  • You can also solve the problem via iTunes and Recovery Mode, but these methods take relatively more time.

So, the best way to resolve the issue is to use LockWiper as it will save you both time and effort.