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If you鈥檝e spent time in the past battling iTunes design problems and issues, then you鈥檒l agree with me that iTunes is not just unreliable but a toxic hellstew. Many iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users who have had a horrible encounter with iTunes always try to avoid the software when unlocking their iPhone passcode.

If you feel the need to instantly unlock your iPhone passcode without iTunes, then there are tools and techniques that can help you achieve that instantly. Therefore, we shall group these solutions into two categories: Solutions that work (i.e. part 1 & 2), and solutions that don鈥檛 work (i.e. part 3). We include the second category for you to avoid them even more than you avoid iTunes.

How to Unlock iPhone Passcode without iTunes

iTunes is a failure and a toxic hellstew that has failed on what it鈥檚 set out to do (i.e. media management software). However, we are not out to blame Apple for cramping too many features into iTunes, which made it too hard for it to carry out simple tasks effectively, but we鈥檙e here to introduce to you a software that can instantly unlock your iPhone passcode without iTunes (iMyFone LockWiper).

iMyFone LockWiper is the best assistance you can get when iTunes fails to unlock your iPhone. LockWiper unlike iTunes is less complicated and takes less than 5 minutes to unlock a locked iPhone passcode. It has become the ideal tool for unlocking iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It provides extremely reliable and easy solutions for the removal of an iOS device screen passcode, Apple ID and old iCloud account.

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Advantages - iOS 14 Supported:

  • Easily unlocks iPhone passcode without iTunes, in a few clicks.
  • Helps remove iPhone screen pascode when it鈥檚 locked, disabled or broken.
  • Promises to work no matter it鈥檚 locked with 4/6-digit passcodes, Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Promises high success rate even to unlock second-hand iPhone password.
  • Ultimate solution recommended by top media suite for bypassing the old iCloud account.

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Download LockWiper Here to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Step 1. Download, install and launch LockWiper on your Mac or PC. Then, click the 鈥淪tart鈥 tab, and connect your iPhone to your computer using an original Apple USB cable.

Download LockWiper for Windows & Download LockWiper for Mac

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Step 2. Boot your iPhone in DFU mode. You can follow the on-screen instructions on LockWiper to make it.

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Step 3. Download your iPhone firmware package by clicking the 鈥淒ownload鈥 tab, and then clicking on the 鈥淪tart to Verify鈥 tab.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 4. Click the 鈥淪tart Unlock > input 000000 > click Unlock鈥 tabs to unlock your iPhone passcode.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

See, it鈥檚 such easy as 1, 2, 3. Though LockWiper can successfully unlock iPhone screen passcode, it won鈥檛 delete iCloud account from iPhone if 鈥淔ind My iPhone鈥 is enabled.

Windows version    Mac version

How to Unlock iPhone Password with Find My iPhone

The 鈥淔ind My iPhone鈥 feature of iCloud is a good way to unlock the iPhone passcode remotely without iTunes. Hence, if iTunes doesn鈥檛 work for you, then use Find My iPhone.

Step 1. Get yourself a computer or another iPhone with a browser and log on to using your PC/iPhone. Then, enter your Apple ID and password on request to access iCloud.
Step 2. Click 鈥淔ind iPhone > All Devices鈥 for iCloud to display a list of devices that are linked to your account. Then, select the iPhone you want to unlock.
Step 3. Choose 鈥淓rase iPhone鈥 option, and confirm your request.

Unlock iPhone Password with Find My iPhone


  • You should know the Apple ID and password that your iPhone has log in.
  • Your iPhone should have 鈥淔ind My iPhone鈥 enabled.
  • Your iPhone should be connected to internet.

Methods That Don't Work to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Thousands of YouTube videos and websites publish wrong and unreliable techniques and methods of unlocking iPhone passcode. You may have seen many of these publications claiming that the tips therein would help you bypass your iPhone passcode but most of them are white lies.

  • Therefore, if you still believe that by making an emergency call with a passcode locked iPhone, the device will be unlocked, then you鈥檙e yet to try it with your iPhone.
  • There are other posts on 鈥淗ow to unlock iPhone passcode without iTunes鈥 with claims that older versions of iOS have a bug in Siri that can allow you access the iPhone; that doesn鈥檛 work either.
  • You may also have seen tutorials and guides that claim that you can delete the iPhone passcode file from your iPhone鈥檚 keychain directory using iExplorer, iPhone browser, or SSH on a jailbroken device.

All we are here to tell you is that these methods are not solutions for unlocking iPhone passcode anymore. Therefore, get iMyFone LockWiper to easily, instantly and efficiently unlock your iPhone passcode without iTunes.

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