Apple has dramatically promoted the improvement of the digital world with its newly released iOS system each year. Apple has introduced the Screen Time which is also known as parental control and received a favorable response from parents. Parents can use the Screen Time to control the iPhone usage and reduce digital interruptions on their children's iPhone.

On iOS 13, Apple updates the Screen Time and adds some new features, making the Screen Time more like a parental control tool. This article will introduce the new features of the Screen Time app on iOS 13 and give a solution if you run into an iOS 13 Screen Time bug.

New Updates: Screen Time on iOS 13

The excessive usage of iPhone or iPad can be severely dangerous for young children. Apple has been concerned about this issue seriously and continues to upgrade its parental control tool - Screen Time on iOS 13. iOS 13 gives parents more usage data to track and compare, and also introduces some new limits. Here we will preview the new tools of Screen Time app on iOS 13.

ios 13 screen time

1. Set combined limits

This new tool gives you an option to set limits. You can set combined limits with the combination of app categories, websites, and explicit apps. It enables you to block a collection of content or apps, which greatly saves your time when you set restrictions on your children's iPhone.

2. More usage data

Screen Time gives you detailed data about your iPhone usage. It will generate a weekly report and graph, so you can view the time you spent with apps and websites within a week. It also appears your iPhone usage trend to help you better control your time. On iOS 13, Apple will expend the usage data to 30 days, so you can compare your Screen Time data with the previous weeks. This new feature makes you better monitor your children's changes.

3. Contact list and communication limits for children:

Nowadays, there is a lot of phone fraud. And young children are quite likely to be cheated because there is a large amount of fake information. On iOS 13, you can manage and control your children's contact list. You can allow the phone numbers with trusted people, and decide who can communicate with your children throughout the day and during downtime.

4. One more minute:

You may lose your work when the Screen Time limit is met. Screen Time will just shut down your apps instantly, and you have no time to save your work or log out of game. On iOS 13, this issue can be fixed perfectly. When your Screen Time is running out, you can still ask for one more minute. It gives you an additional 1 minute to save your work or log out of the game.

How to Set Communication Limits for Your Children with Screen Time

The major update of Screen Time on iOS 13 is the Communication Limits, and it will certainly be welcomed by parents. The new tool enables you to select the contacts that your children can call, text or FaceTime - throughout the day and during downtime. Here we will introduce how to set the Communication Limits.

Step 1. Launch "Settings" on your children's Apple devices, and tap on "Screen Time".
Step 2. Tap on "Communication Limits" tool.
Step 3. Set the communication limits during allowed screen time and downtime

If you want to control the people who can contact with your children with iOS 13, you can only allow the phone call from the contacts list on your children's iPhone. It allows you to choose from Everyone or Contacts Only. If you choose the Contacts Only, only the phone call from the contacts list can be approved on your children's iPhone. And your children won鈥檛 be able to edit the contacts after setting this feature.

ios 13 screen time

There are two options of Contacts Only or Specific Contacts for During Downtime. In this part, you can whitelist the specific contacts you want to permit for downtime, such as family members or teachers.

ios 13 screen time

How to Fix iOS 13 Screen Time Bug?

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Apple amazingly improves Screen Time feature on iOS 13 that allows you to take a minute to save your work, set a communication and contact limits for your children. If you forget the Screen Time passcode or encounter the iOS 13 Screen Time bug, iMyFone LockWiper iPhone Unlock will be your best choice. It removes the Screen Time settings without losing any data.

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