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Solved: iTunes Could Not Restore the iPhone Because the Password Was Incorrect

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Daniel Evans

November 1, 2018 (Updated: April 24, 2019锛

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People often panic when little things go wrong with their iPhone and end up spending extra when it could easily be fixed by themselves. One of the top major problems they face is when iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the password was incorrect.

There are many possibilities why you may forget or lose your password, and you shouldn鈥檛 get worked over it. All you have to do is simply follow this article and see how you can gain easy access to your iPhone. When iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the password was incorrect, it has two cases:

Careful study of these cases will give you easy access to your iPhone and iTunes respectively.

Case 1: When You Forget Your iPhone Passcode

This is a common scenario, and the first thing you need to do is to be calm, so you could figure out a way to get yourself back online. When you forget your iPhone passcode, and as a result, iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect, you could make use of a lock tool called iMyFone LockWiper. This lock tool ultimately grants you access to your device, and you don鈥檛 even need to open iTunes. It can help you unlock both iPhone passcode and Apple ID passcode on activated devices.

The following are the outstanding features of iMyFone LockWiper:

lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

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  • Complete removal of different types of screen lock without passcode like 4-digit or 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID.
  • Support unlock Apple ID without password on activated iOS devices.
  • Support different phone statues like iPhone with broken screen, disable etc.
  • After passwords are removed, new iOS version will be updated.
  • Stable connectivity of iPhone to a computer with high successful rate.

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How to use iMyFone LockWiper to unlock your iPhone:

There are steps to follow if you would love to unlock your iPhone using this lock tool.

Step 1: Launch the iMyFone LockWiper. Click “Start” first.

remove iphone screen lock

Step 2: Ensure a steady connection of your iPhone to a PC.

connect idevice to pc

Step 3: To detect issues, download and install a firmware package.

download firmware package

Step 4: After download the right firmware, please click “Start to Extract”.

verify firmware package

Step 5: To unlock the screen, click on “Start Unlock” to initiate the unlock process.

verification success

Step 6: Enter “000000” to confirm your steps and then click “Start Unlock”.

confirm unlock

Step 7: Wait a moment then your iPhone will be unlocked successfully.

removing screen lock

So when you forget your iPhone passcode and iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect, you can try this tool to solve the problem for you.

Tips: How Can You Not Lose Your Data When You Use the Unlock Tool?

Often, when we use iMyFone LockWiper to remove passcodes from iPhone, it will erase all the data on your iPhone when the process is completed. However, there is a way you can make use of the lock tool without data loss; this is simply by restoring from iTunes or iCloud. So you need to back up all the data using iTunes or iCloud, then you can use the unlock tool to remove your passcode.

>> Using iTunes:

back up iphone

>> Using iCloud:

back up iphone

Case 2: When You Forget Your Backup Passcode

Another case why you may get 鈥渋Tunes could not restore iPhone because iPhone was incorrect鈥 is as a result of you losing your backup passcode. A backup passcode is meant to protect your backups so that no one can gain easy access to your device. However, there is also a possibility of losing it after all, and you are left with taking your chances at recovering it. Hence, you need to consider the below.

Tips on How to Recover iPhone with a Forgotten Backup Passcode

There are three basic tips you should try out so you can gain access to your iPhone backup and continue doing what you have to do.

Tip 1: Try all possible passwords you know.

In the first place, the password you use is often from something close to you. There are times you may not be certain if it is actually the one or not; however, it is always advisable to try out your luck.

Tip 2: Use your keychain.

In every password verification process, there is always a keychain people make available. You can use the keychain to gain back your backup passcode if you haven’t forgotten it.

Tip 3: Restore from iCloud if you have a backup.

This is the last step you can take if you lose your backup passcode. The use of iCloud cannot be overemphasized, and among various things it does, password recovery is one of them.

Definitely, one of these tips will help you recover your backup passcode so you can make good use of your device.

Henceforth, you don’t have to get worried when you lose your passcode, and it indirectly affects you in a lot of things. In fact, the best ways to get rid of “iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect” have been explained above. Certainly, one of these steps will work and you can now proceed to using iTunes. If you forget your iPhone passcode then you can still get help from iMyFone LockWiper.

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