Do you struggle to remember your iOS passwords and maintain excel sheets to do the job for you? Well, a lot of us are really bad at remembering passwords and the multiple devices that we own these days make the scenario even worse. Also, we keep changing our iOS devices every now and then, and end-up forgetting the old passwords. If you’re on us, then this article is all that you’ve been looking for. We’ll tell you the secret of password sharing on iOS 14 in this post.

Part 1: How to share password on iOS 14/13/12

Apple has made sharing passwords a cakewalk in its iOS 14/13/12 release. Now you can easily share passwords using iOS password managing application – AirDrop. You simply need to open the settings on your iOS device and open “website and app passwords”. You then need to login, enter your password, and an option to AirDrop the login will prompt. You can AirDrop the password to any iOS device or macOS Mojave device. Users on both ends – sending and receiving need to authenticate their Face ID or Touch ID. Once the authentication is complete, you’ll be able to send or receive a password.

With iOS 14/13/12, Apple smart’s feature will enable iOS users to create passwords and suggest strong passwords. It will also provide you with tools to retrieve passwords irrespective of where the account was created. Also, Siri will be able to help you with your passwords in iOS 14/13/12. Even if you just say – “Siri show my password”, Siri will do the job for you.

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Part 2: You May Also Want to Know

Hope all these solutions can help you out of trouble! Enjoy!