Creating a passcode is a common way to prevent unauthorized access. You are easy to forget the digital passcode if you are used to identifying your authentication by Face ID or Touch ID. You cannot keep trying your guesses since entering the wrong passcode too many times will permanently disable your iPhone. If you need to access the iPhone urgently, you come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce the top 3 quick iPhone unlock ways to you!

Quick iPhone Unlock, Just in 5 Minutes

If you are rush to access your iPhone and look for the quickest way to unlock iPhone, we recommend you to use iMyFone LockWiper. The whole process will just take 5 minutes in a few clicks. iMyFone LockWiper is your one-stop solution that can unlock all types of screen lock such as Face ID, Touch ID, and digital passcode. Let's view its main functions.

lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

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Key features of iMyFone LockWiper:

  • Unlock your iPhone in 5 minutes without difficulty.
  • Unlock all types of screen lock such as Face ID, Touch ID and digital passcode.
  • Remove Apple ID and iCloud account on any Apple devices; remove Screen Time and Restrictions feature without losing data.
  • Support all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; support all iOS versions.

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Get the quick iPhone unlock way by using iMyFone LockWiper:

Step 1. Choose the "Unlock Screen Passcode" mode. Connect your iPhone to PC and click on "Start".

remove iphone screen lock

Step 2. Download the firmware for your iPhone. Then select "Start to Extract".

verify firmware package

Step 3. Choose the "Start to Unlock" button. And enter "000000" to get started.

verification success

Step 4. The LockWiper will unlock your iPhone within 5 minutes.

removing screen lock

Quick iPhone Unlock via iTunes in 10 Minutes

If you have ever synced your iPhone to your computer via iTunes, iTunes will be a good choice for you. Please also make sure Find My iPhone feature is disabled or you cannot use iTunes to unlock your iPhone. iTunes will reset your iPhone to factory settings. If you already have an iTunes backup, you can restore the data from a backup to avoid losing data.

Get the quick iPhone unlock way by using iTunes:

Step 1. Update your iTunes to the newest version. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
Step 2. iTunes will detect your iPhone automatically.
Step 3. Choose your iPhone icon to go to the Summary panel.
Step 4. Choose the "Restore iPhone" button under the Summary tab.

restore iPod

Step 5. Choose "Restore" on the popup to confirm.

restore iPod

Quick iPhone Unlock via iCloud in 10 Minutes

The Find My iPhone feature on iCloud is used to track your iOS device and reset it when it is lost or stolen. If you have enabled Find My iPhone, you can use the iCloud service to unlock your iPhone quickly. It is pretty easy and can be operated remotely. You should take the steps below.

Get the quick iPhone unlock way by using iCloud:

Step 1. Please make sure your iPhone connects to a stable network.
Step 2. Go to on your computer or mobile device.
Step 3. Sign in the iCloud service with Apple ID and its password.
Step 4. Erase your iPhone from iCloud service.

For Computer: Go to "Find iPhone > All Device". Select your iPhone and erase your iPhone.


For Mobile Device: Simply select your iPhone and erase your iPhone.


This article provides 3 quick iPhone unlock ways. If this Apple ID is yours, you may use iTunes or iCloud to unlock the screen passcode according to your situation. If it is not yours, the only choice is to use the third-party software to bypass the screen lock permanently. iMyFone LockWiper supports to unlock your screen lock in all situations. Just download to try it with free!

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