Screen Time on iOS 12/13/14 features a 4-digital or 6-digital passcode that is different from your screen lock. It would be easy for you to forget your Screen Time passcode, especially for the settings that you don't change regularly. What to do if you are locked out of Screen Time features without a passcode?

Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor offers you a way to retrieve your Screen Time passcode without restoring your iPhone or jail-breaking it. This article will make a review of Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor and introduce its alternatives. Then you can choose a more appropriate way to solve your problem.

Part 1: Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor Review on Recovering Screen Time Passcode

Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor as a backup reader works with your iTunes or iCloud backup. You can extract and edit your backup, retrieve and restore your lost files. It is ideal for those who want to restore files to a new iPhone or for those who mistakenly deleted their important data. Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor can also recover your Screen Time passcode by retrieving your iTunes backup, so you will not lose any data on iPhone.

1 How to Use Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor to Recover Screen Time Passcode?

Before using Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor, you need to get your backup ready first:

1. Make sure you have a backup in iTunes that includes the Screen Time passcode (You can do this by syncing with iTunes).
2. You need to encrypt your iTunes backup or this application cannot find your passcode. Don鈥檛 forget your iTunes encryption password, or you cannot restore iTunes backup in future.

Here are the steps to recover Screen Time passcode using Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor:

Step 1. Install and open Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor.
Step 2. You鈥檒l see a list of backup. Select the backup including your Screen Time passcode.
Step 3. Go to "Utilities" button, then choose the option of "Recover Screen Time/restrictions passcode".

iPhone Backup Extractor

Step 4. Press the "Recover" button. Then the application will start recovering your Screen Time passcode.

iPhone Backup Extractor

Step 5. It will take time to retrieve your backup files. Then it will show your Screen Time passcode.

iPhone Backup Extractor

2 Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor Review on Recovering Screen Time Passcode


  • It can recover your Screen Time passcode.
  • It retrieves your Screen Time passcode from you iTunes backup, so your data will not be lost.
  • It can recover your lost or deleted files on your iPhone or iPad.
  • With a built-in Plist viewer, it enables you to view your iTunes backup without hassle.