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You might have bought a used iPhone from someone and the person forgot to remove the passcode. That means you won’t be able to access it because of the fact that you do not have the right passcode. A good example is when you live in China or Africa, and you buy an iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6S/7/7 Plus/8/X from an individual who is on holiday from let’s say America and the phone is blocked, and you are looking for ways of how to unlock my iPhone cheap, fret not because we are going to help you out.

Although there are various ways to unlock iPhones, it is highly recommended that you use an iPhone unlock tool to unlock iPhone cheap because it’s easy and promises 100% success rate, and it supports the latest iOS 13.

We Recommend 3 Best Tools to Unlock iPhone Cheap

1 Cheapest Tool to Unlock iPhone – iMyFone LockWiper

iMyFone LockWiper for Win/for Mac is the most cost-efficient password unlocker tool on the market that you can use to unlock your iPhone. This tool is compatible with both the old and latest iOS versions including iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus. With this tool, you can remove iPhone screen lock without a passcode, access an iPhone that is protected using 4 /6-digit unlock code, Face ID, and Touch ID. In a matter of a few minutes, you will be able to unlock and gain access to your iPhone and continue enjoying using it.

lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

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Why LockWiper Is Your Best Choice

  1. Easily unlock iCloud account without the need of password.
  2. Offers better functions but requires lowest price - The Most Cost-Effective
  3. Unlocks all kinds of screen locks: Face ID, Touch ID, 4/6-digit passcodes
  4. Helps get into iPhone when iPhone is locked, disabled or broken, in mere minutes
  5. Removes iPhone screen locks without password, in a few clicks
  6. Promises 100% success rate even to unlock second-hand/stolen iPhone
  7. Wins trusts of professional software reviews sites, including SOFTPEDIA,, iOS HACKER, etc.
  8. Windows version    Mac version

Want to Know the Price of LockWiper?

As stated earlier, this is the cheapest iPhone unlock tool on the market. It comes in different packages and licenses, but all the licenses have the lowest price compared to its competitors. Here are some of the prices and licenses available.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot
  • One Year License: Pay $39.95 and you can use LockWiper for one iOS device for a whole year. It’s available to use the program on different computers with the same license.
  • Basic License: This license is available for $49.95 and is applicable to one device, which is for a lifetime. It allows you to use the same license on various computers.
  • Family License: The family license goes for $59.95 and is applicable on up to 5 devices, which is valid for a lifetime. It doesn’t limit the number of computer allowed.
  • Business License: This license is recommended for business. You have to pay $349.95. This license lets you unlock an unlimited number of iPhones and is valid for a lifetime.

Note: Whichever license you get, you will also get 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, free technical support and, lifetime updates.

2 Tool to Unlock iPhone Cheap - Tenorshare 4uKey

This is an iPhone unlock tool that can enable you to bypass iPhone passcode in minutes. This tool is compatible with iOS 13 and the latest iPhone systems. This tool is useful for individuals with damaged iPhones, for example, a broken screen, damaged buttons or the touchscreen is not working.

Key Features:

  1. Instantly unlock iPhone screen passcode
  2. Remove 4 or 6-digit passcode, Face ID and Touch ID
  3. Compatible with iOS 13

Prices and Licenses:

Tenorshare 4uKey
  • 1 Month License: This license goes for $49.95 and is applicable on up to 5 devices. You can use the license on one PC.
  • 1 Year License: It’s available for $49.95 and can be used on up to 5 devices but on one PC.
  • Lifetime License: This license is applicable on up to 5 devices but just on one PC. It will cost you $59.95 for you to get this license.
  • More Choice: You can customize the license for 1 year and will cost you at least $62.95.

Note: All the licenses of 4uKey allows its users to use it on just one PC. That means, if your computer is damaged or you change the computer, you need to purchase it again.

3 Tool to Unlock My iPhone Cheap - Dr.Fone Unlock (iOS)

Dr.Fone Unlock iOS tool is another password unlock program that will allow you to unlock your iPhone. In just 5 minutes, you will be able to unlock screen passwords from your iPhone and iPad, it is simple to use and anyone can actually use this tool.

Key Features:

  1. Fix these situations: second-hand iPhone with locked screen, password set by kids, disabled iPhone, broken iPhone, etc.
  2. Unlock screen passwords from iPhone/iPad
  3. Easy to use, no tech required

Prices and Licenses:

Dr.Fone Unlock (iOS)
  • Personal License: This license goes for $69.95 as a lifetime license or $59.95 per year. It is applicable on up to 5 devices and 1 PC.
  • Family License: For you to get this license you will have to pay $79.92 for the lifetime license or $63.92 per year. It can be used on up to 10 iOS devices and 1 PC.
  • Business License: For those interested in this package you will have to pay $399 for the one-year license. This license is applicable to an unlimited number of mobile devices and 1 PC.

Note: All the license of Dr.Fone Unlock iOS is available for one PC. When you change your computer, the license is invalid. This is very unreasonable.

How to Unlock iPhone with The Cheapest Tool

As you can see, iMyFone Lockwiper is the cheapest iPhone unlock tool in the market that is efficient and offers value for your money. It doesn’t restrict the number of PC allowed so you don’t need to worry about when the license will be invalid. You can free download it and have a trial. But note that, to finally unlock your iPhone, you need to register it.

Windows version    Mac version

Learn the steps to unlock iPhone with LockWiper

Step 1: Launch the software on your computer. Click on the “Start” button to start the process.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer. Choose your iPhone model from the top bar and follow the instructions to put it into DFU mode.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 3: It will automatically detect your iPhone. Confirm or correct it. Then click “Download” to proceed.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 4: After the firmware has been downloaded successfully, click “Start to Verify” to validate the firmware.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 5: When it’s verified, click “Start Unlock” button.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 6: Enter “000000” to confirm that you wish to continue and then hit “Unlock”. You will receive a confirmation that the process is complete.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot
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