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As smartphones and tablet devices grow increasingly prevalent, helping keep children safe while online has become a priority for many parents. Fortunately, Apple has included a variety of parental controls on their products that help protect children from dangerous content. But what do you do when the Parental Lock locks you out instead? Read on to learn how to bypass parental control on Mac quickly.

How to Bypass Parental Controls on Mac锛

When the parental locks lock out parents, it can be helpful to know how to easily bypass the lock and unlock devices. There are three main ways by which you can bypass parental controls directly and gain access to the full features of a Mac.

Disabling Parental Controls with Admin Access

The first way to bypass parental controls on a mac is by using Admin Access. This will require that you have the password for the device鈥檚 Admin account.

  1. Restart the device and log in using the credentials of the admin account.
  2. Once in, navigate to 鈥System Preferences鈥 and select 鈥Parental Controls鈥 in the available tabs.
  3. parental control

  4. Authenticate the account by selecting the lock icon in the bottom bar, and select the account that you wish to remove parental controls on. The parental controls will now be disabled for that specific user.

enter username

Turning Off Browser Restrictions

Want to get past the parental control filters on a Mac? To bypass, use the Hotkey to bring up the Parental Filters that are in place and enter the password.

  • Log in your admin account.Select "System Preferences" in the Apple icon.
  • system

  • Click "Parental Control"(yellow icon).
  • control

  • Click the Lock icon to enter user name and password.
  • enter username

  • Choose the account that you want to remove browser restrictions for
  • account

  • Click the "Web" tab. You can then add or remove any filters that are blocked by the parental control blacklist. Once complete, you should be able to access sites that have previously been blocked.

web tab

Bypassing Parental Controls Without Admin Authorization

When you don鈥檛 have passwords, it鈥檚 time to get sneaky. You can also bypass the controls without the need for Admin Authorization.

  • To bypass, restart the computer by holding down the power button for a few seconds.
  • power button

  • Before the computer turns back on, hold the Command and S keys together prior to the iconic 鈥渃hime鈥.
  • command and s key

  • Should this be successful, you will be prompted for text input. Input the following text exactly to create a new administrative account:
    mount -uw /
    rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
    shutdown -h now
  • If successful, the Mac will start up as though it was a first-time boot. Follow the steps to load up, but do not create a Mac ID. Restart once more, log in using the new account, and navigate to System Preferences.

    restart mac

    In System Preferences, select 鈥Accounts鈥 and then click the lock at the bottom bar to make changes to the original administrator account. Type in your password and deselect 鈥Enable Parental Controls鈥 to turn off the control protocol. Restart, log back in with the original account, and you should be able to access all features.

    deselect parental control

    Part 2: What Do I Do If I Forgot My Parental Control Password On Mac?

    Sometimes your lockout happens because you鈥檝e forgotten your parental control password. In a world of passwords constantly updating on devices, it鈥檚 easy to lose track of a password that is rarely needed.

    If you have misplaced your parental control password on Mac, you can typical bypass this password using the Apple ID password that is connected to the account the lock is placed on. With a couple clicks, you can reset your password quickly and unlock the device.

    Should that method fail, you can bypass the password manually by following these steps:

    • Boot your Mac device into Recovery Mode by holding down the 鈥淐ommand鈥 and 鈥淩鈥 buttons simultaneously at startup.
    • command and r key

    • This should bring up a Utilities screen with an option to select the 鈥Terminal
    • terminal

    • When the terminal window pops up, type resetpassword and press enter.
    • reset

    • A Password Reset window will appear, asking you to select a boot volume and username from the list available.
    • Follow the series of prompts to successfully change your password.
    • Once reset, select 鈥Restart鈥 in the menu bar and allow the device to reboot.

    If the process above is successful you should be able to log in to your account. You can now interact with the elements of your device that were blocked by the parental control.

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    There is nothing more frustrating than facing a locked Mac device. Whether your passcode screen is not responding to your code or you need to bypass parental control, having the tools to bypass lockout can make all the difference.

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