forgot wifi password mac

鈥淗ey, can I have your WIFI password?鈥

鈥淵ea sure, but um鈥︹

鈥淚 Forgot my WIFI password on Mac鈥

Sound familiar?

Well, if you are like me and love to invite your friends over, the first thing they would ask is the WIFI password. What happens when you鈥檝e forgotten your Wi-Fi password? Fortunately, Mac users have the advantage of access to various apps, and they can easily retrieve a forgotten Wi-Fi password on their Mac devices.

Part 1:What to Do If I Forgot the Wi-Fi Password on My Mac Computer?

Find the password on the Wi-Fi router

When you forgot your WIFI password on Mac and cannot connect to Wi-Fi router, you still have a few options to access your internet.

wifi router

  • Directly connect your mac to the router using a wired Ethernet cable.
  • If you have never changed the default settings to your router, then you can find the username and default password on your manual or through a quick web search.
  • Various internet service providers supply routers with a unique Wi-Fi password printed on a sticker. If you鈥檝e never changed your default password, you can try to check the router for this unique Wi-Fi password.
  • If none of the above methods works for you, try resetting the Wi-Fi settings. This will also be applied to any other devices connected to your router.

Use Keychain Access on Mac

Every Mac computer has Keychain Access where passwords to all of the Wi-Fi networks that you connect to are saved. Keychain Access allows you to view all of these passwords whenever you want. Therefore, using Keychain Access can easily settle the matter when you forgot WIFI password on Mac. As long as you remember your Mac鈥檚 administrator password, then you can retrieve your Wi-Fi password in a few steps:

  • launch the Keychain Access App through Spotlight search
  • Click on System. Under category, you will see the Passwords option. Click Passwords.
  • system  password

  • Select the Wi-Fi network name and click Show Password.
  • show  password

  • Authenticate by filling in your Username and Administrator Password
  • administrator password

View and show password in the box beside the Show Password button.Not sure what your username is? Click the Apple icon on the top-left of your screen to locate it.

Use terminal on Mac

Terminal is a built-in Mac OS app that enables you to control your Mac computer using command prompts. If you know the exact name of the Wi-Fi network you want to use, Terminal will provide a direct solution in a few steps.

  • Use Spotlight search to launch Terminal.
  • terminal

  • Key in this command security find-generic-password 鈥揼a WI-FI NAME | grep 鈥減assword.鈥 Replace WI-FI NAME with the exact Wi-Fi name of the network you want to access.
  • command

  • Authenticate by filling in your Username and Administrator Password.
  • authenticate

    Not sure what your username is? Click the Apple icon on the top-left of your screen to locate it.View your password which will be shown below the command you have previously entered.

    Part 2:How do I Find My Wi-Fi password on Mac Without the Administrator Password?

    If you do not have the admin password, then recovering your Wi-Fi password might require you to reset your and log in to the Wi-Fi network using the default login. You can set your default log in password to something that you can remember.

    The second option would be to reset your Keychain Access.

    • Launch Keychain Access on Spotlight Search.
    • Select Preferences from the Keychain Access Menu.
    • preferences

    • Click Reset My Default Keychain to create a new
    • In the Password field, enter your Active Directory Password to sync your Keychain Password to your current login password, and click OK to rename your old Keychain Password.
    • reset keychain mac

    Bonus: What to Do If I Forgot Password on My iPhone?

    If you have forgotten your iPhone password, you can still retrieve it using iMyFone LockWiper. This iMyPhone lock wiper can be very handy if you have forgotten your screen passcode, Screen Time passcode, Apple ID/iCloud account password, and it can even bypass the MDM lock.

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    • Bypass MDM which bypasses Mobile Device Management on iOS devices.

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    Please note that although iMyFone LockWiper is compatible with all iOS version, it only supports unlock activated devices. You may also lose all your data when unlocking your devise.


    Forgetting WIFI password on Mac can be a great inconvenience. However, with these tips, you can be able to recover your passwords without the help of any technicians. Whenever you retrieve your passwords, remember to reset the passwords to something you can easily remember or write them down and keep them safe.